Schwinn IC2 Spin Bikes- A One Stop Solution Towards Attainment Of Physical Fitness and Health

Schwinn is definitely a brand which produces sturdy and easy to set up bikes which can help you in accomplishing a great workout dream with ease. The Schwinn IC2 bikes possess features which make them an absolute favourite over their other contemporaries. Making you lose as much as 600 calories within a time period of 40 minutes is a miracle which is turned into reality by these bikes. These bikes apart from being easily available are highly efficient and are designed in a manner that they can withstand heavy weights. So a total win-win proposition is laid down by these wonder workout machines.

Schwinn IC2 Spin Bikes- A One Stop Solution Towards Attainment Of Physical Fitness and Health

Stable and Sturdy Framework

The Schwinn IC2 spin bikes have immense stability owing to the fact that they are equipped with metal frames. This feature gives great satisfaction during workouts as the bike and its various installations remain firm in their position while one is working out. The weight of 31 pounds which this bike exhibits helps in giving this machine good stability under almost every circumstance.

Information Delivery through LCD Computers

Another exclusive feature of the SchwinnIC2 bike which makes it a stand out product is the fact that they are equipped with LCD computers which are easy to handle and give out detailed information in regards to speed, Calorie readouts, Speed and RPM. This feature is a kind of morale booster and gives motivation for those of you who are not a firm believer in the positive results of exercising.

Ease of Installation and Assembly

The various parts of Schwinn IC2 are very conveniently placed and would not lead to any botheration while you are installing them. A detailed instruction manual and in-line directions make even the setting up of this machine a very easy task. The Handlebars, pedals and the seats are all adjustable and thus add to convenience of setting up according to specific needs.

Other Features which give this Bike a Distinct Edge

Quiet Operations

This bike is a sure shot winner when it comes to silent weight loss. The mechanism of the bike is so smooth that the operations are soundless and thus create no disturbance at all. The adjustability features are also made to provide maximum advantage at the lowest possible noise.

Wheels For Transportation

The incorporation of wheels in the machine does away with the drawbacks of heavy weight as far as transportation is concerned. Presence of wheels gives you the benefit of undertaking your workout at the place of your choice.

User Friendly Operations

Though the Schwinn IC2 has astounding results, the use of this machine is quiet simple. The instructions are easy to follow and there are not much technicalities involved. Apart from this the bike also possess a MP3 and a bottle holder adding to its range of benefits.

Inbuilt Cooling Mechanism

The Schwinn IC2 has good longevity and can function for long hours as it has an integrated cooling mechanism to its benefit. The presence of fan cools down the machine when it heats beyond the desired levels and this adds to the life of your investment.

Attachment of Brand Value

Schwinn is a reputed name in the field of spin bikes and this brand attachment guarantees to you a product which is of good quality and is true to its every claim.

Pricing Consideration

Schwinn IC2 does not create a big dent in your budget. The product is affordably priced, this feature makes it possible for almost everyone with a decent sustainability to enjoy the benefits of exercising on a quality product.

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