6 Ways To Get Optimal Results To Tone Your Body

The fitness movement has become quite a huge, and it’s a trend I could get behind. Sure the new “athleisure” movement will probably fade out, but anything that gets people into fitness is a good thing. So for everybody who is still dipping their toes into the whole thing, below are some of the best ways to get optimal results in your fitness journey. Be forewarned, though, this article is not about to give you bogus information on how to lose 10 pounds in 3 days or something, the advice included here will speak more to the everyday life choices you will have to make for fitness to become a lifestyle, not just a summer bad thing.

Focus On Nutrition

Have you ever run 5km/hour? Do you know how many calories that burns? It burns only 200-300 calories; that’s not even a full Snickers bar. Sometimes we get ourselves to a weight where it becomes quite strenuous to move around, focusing on nutrition instead of movement in the first few weeks or first month can get our bodies in a good enough condition to move around. Ideally, you would focus on BOTH nutrition and diet. However, if you had to choose one to begin with, we would encourage you to focus on nutrition. There is very little exercise can do if you’re still eating junk every day.

Start with drinking more water every day and reducing your sugary beverage consumption considerably. If you drink about a liter of soda every day, try reducing it to just a cup a day and then a cup every two days and so on. Pro tip: it has also been proven time and time again that a healthy diet is more effective for weight loss.

Start Moving More

Once you’ve got your eating plan on track (or as on track as you can manage anyway), it’s time to start moving around more. I’m sure you’ve seen all those fitness gurus on Instagram bending their bodies in all sorts of different ways or lifting weights far heavier than they are but consider your fitness level before you decide on jumping into a class or gym membership. If you are the type who likes a challenge then by all means, go at its head on but if you are like most people, building up the intensity of your workouts as you go might make this a more long term thing for you. And that’s what we want isn’t it, for our health habits to be long-term?

Start with walking around after dinner, increase the pace until you can jog and then run, etc. These might not be herculean efforts but any effort to move whether it’s just walking your pets three times a week instead of once can add up. Pro tip: we’ve mentioned how diet and nutrition has more impact on weight loss but moving around, just walking around for 10 minutes a day at least, has been proven to improve cardiovascular health tremendously. Also, just because it got featured in lifestyle news doesn’t mean you should do it. Listen to your body and go from there.

Choose Something You Like To Do

You are honestly more likely to stick to something if you like it. No one workout style is better than the other the only bad workout, however, is the one you didn’t do. Most people, once they pick something they like will do other things that are not necessarily related to the main thing to be better at it. For example, people who don’t like cardio but like to lift will eventually find that to be a stronger lifter; you will have to increase cardiovascular endurance. In the end, they will have to incorporate cardio into their routine.

Get Used To Starting Over Again

This is the one piece of advice we would give to anybody who is starting out on their fitness journey. You have to get used to starting over again. You are only human. You will indulge too much, forget to workout, say that you are too busy and fall of the wagon. During these times, you have to be able to tell yourself to try again without pausing to be discouraged. Most people abandon their efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle because they make “mistakes”. Let us just remind you that fitness is a journey and all the falling off the wagon is part of it.

Consider Supplements

This advice is for people who would like to bring their fitness levels to the next levels. So many good supplements have become available, and improvements in technology have made these supplements a lot safer. Taking a pre-workout supplement could help you go harder on your workout session. Taking cellulose supplements could also be a great way to supplement a high fiber diet to improve digestive health. L-Carnitine supplements are also a great way and safe way (no confirmed negative side effects so far) to melt your fat.

Seek the Help of Professionals

First of all, it is important to visit your doctor for preventive check-ups. Secondly, you might also like to consider seeing a nutritionist help you out with your diet and helping you find good swaps for when you eat out. IN fact, some nutritionists also hold psychology degrees and may even help you get to the psychological root of your relationship with food. Lastly, consider paying for a fitness coach for the first few months of your fitness journey. A coach can help keep you accountable and push you to achieve your fitness needs.

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