Sustainable Shops In London

In London, there are several places you can visit however, not all of them are sustainable. Nonetheless, there are still many restaurants and shops you can go to that are sustainable. In this list, we will take you through the different places that claim to be sustainable so you can support a good cause in making the planet greener. 

Zero-Waste Food Shops

First on the list are places to eat that promote zero-waste. Yes, there are restaurants in London which cut down on packaging as well as food waste. Here are our favourite food shops in London that promote zero food waste. 


This one is first on the list and it stands for Bring Your Own containers. This food store aims to reduce the unnecessary packaging you receive from the Likes of Teso, Sainsbury’s and other food shops. One of the largest issues that the planet faces is plastic waste which is why this restaurant is so good. It allows you to refill your plastic containers with food and other household essentials, helping you reduce your carbon footprint. 


Up next is UNPACKED which is almost identical to the concept of BYO. This food shop works with UK supermarkets such as Waitrose, Morrisons, M&S and many more. However, Unpacked is much bigger than BYO as it has multiple stores in and around London. This includes areas such as Islington, Westbourne Grove, Chiswick and Muswell Hill. 

The Source Bulk Foods

This food store is another chain known in the London area, The Source Bulk Foods. They have stock that is waste-free and has over 450 eco-friendly sustainable items and bulk foods. If you want to be more sustainable with the products you use in your home, this store is for you. 

Eco-Friendly Food Markets

Up next are the sustainable food markets in the London area. If you are shopping in London and need to grab something to eat, you should visit some of these food markets for eco-friendly foods. 

Buck Street Market

Up first is the Buck Street Market in Camden. Camden is a must-visit alone however, Buck Street market makes it much better. This food market offers vegan burgers, coffee and more in fantastic colourful shipping containers which have been repurposed. This eco-conscious market is great for both food and fashion so you could easily lose a full day here. 

Mercato Metropolitano

For another sustainable community food market, the Mercato Metropolitano is fantastic cuisine. This incredible food market has over 40 food stalls that sell sustainable food products. Not to mention that single-use plastic is also banned at this food market located in Elephant and Castle. 

Sustainable Fashion Shops

Time to lose yourself in the heart of London with some of the best sustainable shops in the capital. There is nothing better than going on a spending spree in London when every single shop you visit is sustainable. 


If you are in the Shoreditch area, this multi-concept fashion store offers a wide range of clothing, homeware and lattes. This store has been open since 2012 and has a range of menswear, homeware shoes, accessories and menswear. Furthermore, this shop is family owned by four sisters and hosts a range of events at their store. 


Rokit has several stores in London and this store promotes ethical fashion. Whether you are in the Camden area or exploring Covent Garden. This shop is definitely for those who love their vintage fashion and are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Furthermore, Camden must be on your bucket list because this area in London is fantastic. 


Reformation is another store in London and it claims it is a 100% carbon-neutral brand. It is most famous for vintage-inspired design and sustainable fashion from the factory to the shop floor. Not to mention this store donates textile scraps to be waste neutral. 


Heading over to Mayfair? Mayfair is home to London’s most famous streets and it is a great area to visit for a massive spending spree. It is even home to some amazing sustainable stores as well. 

Varana combines eco-conscious and luxury. This international fashion house aims for quality Indian craftsmanship with clean lines and cuts of modern design. 

The quality of the clothing from this wonderful store is second to none and ensures durability with each garment that should last you almost a lifetime. There is plenty of parking in central London so head down to the capital and explore this fantastic store. 

Charity Shops

London is not shy of charity shops which is great for those eco-conscious shoppers in the capital. There are obvious shops such as the British Red Cross and Cancer Research UK however, there are a couple of hidden gems in London. 


If you are near Kings Cross, head to the Boutique to find high-quality vintage items. Furthermore, there are plenty of high-street gems and designer pieces sold at affordable prices. One of the best things about this store is that it donates some of its income to help the homeless access services. 

All Aboard, West Hampstead

North London has several of these charity shops but this is the main store. This charity shop is a throwback to old-style vintage stores. The type of charity shop that you rarely find in a city centre but find them all over the outskirts. 

It is an old-school charity shop where you could lose hours of your time searching for the perfect item. Nevertheless, you won’t regret a single minute of your time there and, all of the money that you can give will go to the local charities.

Cancer Research UK Marylebone

Cancer research is one of the most common charity shops in the United Kingdom. Although cancer research doesn’t fit Marylebone, it still has high-street fashion brands here. The only difference between Cancer Research and those high-street stores is that the garments in Cancer Research have already been worn. Additionally, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller have both donated to this wonderful charity shop which is all the more reason to visit it. 

Retromania Pimlico

This is a very high-street, vintage charity shop and a great way to experience second-hand clothing. Furthermore, when you purchase something from this store, you know it is going to a good cause, with the proceedings going to children in Romania. 

To Conclude

In London, there are many sustainable shops to explore. From charity shops to food stores that promote zero-waste, this capital makes it the perfect area for shopping and reducing your carbon footprint. London is great for shopping and there are plenty of places to visit if you want to spend the day touring.

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