Feel Serenity and Divinity While You Camp In Devriyatal

Devriyatal is a pristine and untouched destination in the Uttarakhand Himalayas. The name Devriyatal is that of an emerald lake which is perched at an altitude of 2438 meters above sea level. You can see the clear reflection of the Chaukhamba peak in the waters of the lake in the morning on a clear day. The experience at this lake is the best of two worlds – One of the lake itself and the second one of the reflection of its beautiful surroundings.

1. The Beauty of Devriyatal

The lake is situated in the midst of a lush green field which in turn is surrounded by dense forests. Devriyatal is popular as a trekking and camping destination especially because it is easily accessible and is surrounded by soothing scenic beauty. This lake is situated in the Kedarnath Musk deer sanctuary. If you are lucky you may also be able to watch wild animals drinking from the lake in the early morning. This is the reason that if you are camping here then it is advisable to make an overnight stay.

2. The Legend of Devriyatal

There is a mythological connection of this lake with the epic Mahabharata. This is supposed to be the place where the Yaksha (demi God) asked the Pandavas to answer his questions before they could drink the water from the lake. The mythical background is visible in the magical beauty of this place. In fact many places in the Uttarakhand Himalayas are linked to some God or Goddess or the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata.

3. Reaching Devriyatal

You can take a bus or train from Delhi to Haridwar and then a drive to Chopta or Sari village which is very close to Chopta. An easy 2 km trek from Sari village takes you to Devriyatal. Hence you can see that Devriyatal is very accessible and the trekking trail is also not very cumbersome. This is the reason that amateur trekkers prefer this trail. At the same time, the wide fields around the lake provide sufficient space for camping in Devriyatal. The influx of campers and trekkers to this area means that there are basic amenities available for them close by.

4. Nearby Places of Interest

If you are traveling to Devriyatal, you can extend the visit up to Chopta which is popularly known as the mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand. You can also extend your trek to Tungnath temple which is a temple of Shiva steeped in religious mystery. A further trail from Tungnath goes to Chandershila. Some of the travel agencies organize a complete trek from Chopta to Devriyatal, Tungnath and then Chandershila. Both Tungnath and Chandershila have religious importance for the Hindus. There is a Shiva temple in Tungnath and Chandershila is supposed to be the place where Lord Rama meditated during his banishment to the forest.

When you travel in this land blessed by the gods, you will feel serenity and tranquility all around you. You can gaze at the mountains, the clear skies, the flowers in the meadows and other things of natural beauty to your heart’s content. There is very little commercialization and none of the hustle and bustle that is normally associated with popular tourist destinations.

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