Unification Of Carbohydrate Lessened Dietary and Medication Acts Effectively For Obese Patients

Dr. Lowell Gerber MD who is a renowned cardiologist in Maine area and extensively acknowledged of being the Chief and Inceptor of Freeland Lifestyle & Age Management Medicine LLC, exposed his conventional therapeutic concepts and about its change in a reality show in back 2012. Dr. Gerber was the chief guest at this program ‘The LIV-IN La Vida LOW CARB’ where he categorically mentioned the necessity of low carbohydrate uses in combination with general medication for patients having overweight or suffer from high blood glucose level. Referring his earlier ideas about the role of nutrition and their benefits in human health as well as heart health, he said that for obese patients, what they used to follow was the medication based treatments even with drugs like STATINS.

Unification Of Carbohydrate Lessened Dietary and Medication Acts Effectively For Obese Patients

Coming across with the Lawrence, Kansas based fellow physician Dr Mary helped him a lot and that changed his earlier ideas. Dr. Lowell Gerber MD was influenced by the way Dr Mary has presented the innovative rehab methods. Dr Mary discussed the logic base of using carbohydrate-lessened diets for patients experience the problem of obese. She informed as to how a superior outcome can be achieved out of the procedure which should also unify the benefit of therapeutics. Subsequently, Dr Gerber started prescribing his patients with the procedure what he learned and this resulted wonderfully for his patients. Those who like to visit Dr. Lowell the famed cardiologist and interested about medical insurances should please note that Dr. Gerber accepts quite a good numbers of insurances

Dr. Lowell Gerber MD is founder, owner and Medical Director of the facility BIOINDIVIDUAL health Strategies, LLC, located in Freeport, Maine.  As its name implies, Bio-individual Health is a distinct medical healthcare unit that mainly focus on individualized medication and restoration process. Despite applying common or typical procedures, here, the facility experts evaluate individual’s genetic issues, their case histories and based on that they formulate custom made solution methods that help them effectively and successfully. The second successful project has done by Dr. Lowell Gerber MD in ME is the Younger-Learner ME in Freeport, Maine. This is a specialized care center for victims of Autism, a critical brain disorder that humans derive inborn. The state Maine has the 2ndlargest numbers of Autism patients while Young-Learner ME is majorly taking care for rehabilitation of these patients.

Lowell Gerber MD completed his BS degree and thereafter MS degree from the University of Illinois in 1970. His specialization area was Physiology of Exercise. He achieved his Doctorate degree in Medicine (MD) from the globally famed Loyola University, Chicago. On completion of his medical degree, it was STRITCH School of medicine from where he became the fellow in Pathology. He had undergone his residency in Internal Medicine and later got fellowship in Cardiology from the University of South Florida, college of medicine Tampa. The prominent physician of Maine has undergone a number of researches one of which is Implementation of Healthy Workplace Bullying.

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