Questions To Ask A Prospective Plastic Surgeon

The importance of choosing the right plastic surgeon for anyone considering undergoing a cosmetic procedure really cannot be overstated. While it may be true to say that both surgical and non-surgical beauty treatments have never been safer or more effective, this doesn’t mean that anything can be taken for granted when it comes to choosing a plastic surgeon. Now more than ever, the market is flooded with literally thousands of plastic surgeons and while most are indeed every bit above board, there will always be those who do not practice to the same standards as others.

Questions To Ask A Prospective Plastic Surgeon

This is precisely why it is of crucial importance to ask all the right questions before going ahead, including the following six examples:

How Long Have You Been in Business?

First of all, it is important to understand that there is a very big difference between qualifications and experience. When it comes to seeking the ideal plastic surgeon, what you are looking for is the perfect balance of both. The reason being that while all the education and training in the world may be of great value, there is nothing that is more valuable than real-life experience and ideally long-term experience at that. So if it isn’t abundantly apparent, be sure to ask them about their experience.

What Is Your Area of Specialism?

All plastic surgeons have their own areas of specialism, as in the areas in which they focus most of their attention and develop their skills accordingly. As such, it is a good idea to clarify ahead of time exactly what type of plastic surgery it is you are looking to undergo in order to ensure you find the perfect surgeon for the job.  There will always be those who dabble in multiple areas, but it is still better to find a surgeon with a degree of focus on what it is you are interested in.

What Are the Risks Attached to the Procedure?

Not only is it of crucial importance to understand each and every risk attached to the procedure you are considering, but asking the surgeon about the risks is also a good way of assessing their responsibility and professionalism. The reason being that no responsible or professional surgeon would ever try to claim that any type of cosmetic surgery is 100% safe and risk free. As such, in asking this question you should not only find out about all of the risks, but be able to gauge how responsible the surgeon is.

Do I Really Need Plastic Surgery?

This is another example of a question which can be used to determine just how responsible and professional the surgeon is as technically speaking there really are not many people who actually need cosmetic surgery as such. A plastic surgeon will be able to help determine whether or not you are a good candidate for plastic surgery, but in terms of an outright need for plastic surgery, this is an extremely rare occurrence to say the least. It is a good question to use to discuss your reasons for having plastic surgery in the first place and whether or not your surgeon honestly believes that you should be having the procedure at all.

Can I Think About it a While?

It is absolutely imperative that you never even consider agreeing to a cosmetic procedure without first having thought about it and considered it over a fairly long period of time. As such, not only is it important that you ask your surgeon for time to think about things for your own benefit, but this is another way of determining just how responsible they are. One of the most pivotally important rules by which all surgeons should practice is that of never under any circumstances rushing patients into a decision. Regardless of the circumstances, patients should always be given plenty of time to think about their decision and act accordingly.

Do You Have References?

Last but not least, prior to going ahead and agreeing to the surgery it is important to ask the surgeon for references or ideally to put you in touch with those who have used their services before. It’s one thing for the surgeon to put your mind at rest with lots of promises and claims to fame, but it is something else entirely to get this kind of reassurance from those who have actually chosen them for their own procedures. Unsurprisingly, should they show any kind of apprehension to offering this kind of feedback, this really tells you all you need to know.

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