An example set by Gloria Pedruco in the world of Nursing

Medical science has advanced to a great extent and it will continue to do so in the future. But will it ever be able to replace the place of nurses in the society? The answer would probably be a no. Women are generally kind hearted people who have sympathy for all. Thus the care and love provided by a nurse can never be replaced by technology. Gloria Pedruco is a lady who has sacrificed a great portion of the life for the welfare of the society.

Alike many other nurses, she has been taking care of hundreds of families and their beloved ones. A well trained nurse, a psychological expert; she has rendered great service to the field of medical science as a nurse. Gloria Pedruco has spent a large portion of her life looking after the administrations of hospitals, the patients and other medical facilities.

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When you visit a hospital you consider the doctor to be a god. But we generally overlook the work done by the nurses, after the doctors left. They are the ones who look after them throughout their stay in the hospital. Gloria Pedruco hails from Redwood City and is a strong willed woman. It has been her ambition to help people since her early teenage. This was probably the driving force behind her joining the medical industry. It was her capacity and will to love people and care for them made her excel in her own field. While some nurses specialize in a certain field. Gloria is a multi-talented woman who can take care of children and elders equally.

Qualities are necessary for a nurse to have

The driving force behind a nurse is their humanity.  They are unbiased. It is definitely not an easy task to be a nurse. A nurse needs to be a very patient woman. In professions like this, you come across multiple people who have different personalities; different ways of speaking etc. Thus, nurses need to be very patient and tactful enough to manage all sorts of people. A hospital is obviously not a pleasant place to be in. A nurse needs to have the capability to handle and all sorts of situations that may take place. She should be able to analyze the mental condition of a person who is going through a massive physical as well as mental strain.

It is time we realize the worth of these noble people

It is the existence of people like Gloria Pedruco that make the society a better place to live in. People like hem restore a common man’s faith in humanity. While there are numerous inhumanities that the world witnesses on a daily basis, these women continue to become the bearers of love and humanity in our society.  We often magnify the works of people who work at the forefront. But we forget to thank or pay our gratitude to the people who silently work through all situations selflessly and look after us. It is a matter of time before people truly realize the worth of these noble women in their lives.

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