Toyota Is Ready With Hydrogen, Hybrid Cars To Introduce in 2015

A group of journalists from Ypsilanti Michigan recently reported that Toyota is going to introduce some hybrid vehicles in 2015. Keeping the fuel deficiency issue in mind, Toyota has started manufacturing some advanced models of the previous Pirus and Hydrogen Cars, all of which will be available in market from 2015.

Pirus, Hydrogen and SupercarsThe group has also informed that the up next models of Pirus, Hydrogen and Supercars will be in introduced in the 2015 Consumer Electronic Show that is organized in Las Vegas. Some changes will be observed in the traditional look of the Pirus car, as it won’t be an egg-shaped automobile any more. In opinion of the experts from Toyota, in case of hydrogen cars, infrastructure matters over anything else but the company is planning to target the audience who will like to have the facilities of long-range electric car, without charging it for long time.

Presumably, kicking number for the next-generation Pirus is 60 mpg. However, the experts are of the opinion that not much difference will be noticed in its performance but the 5 mpg improvement will make some difference expectedly. Gas engine of the present Pirus cars is 38.5 percent thermal efficient, which is going to be complete 40 % in the recent models of cars.

The coming generation is going to be the third generation the hybrid Pirus cars. Fuel efficiency of the car has increased by ten percent in each generation. Company secretary commented that it was not so easy to increase that percentage equally every year but they aimed to keep up Toyota’s reputation and thus have tried the best to make the latest Pirus engines more fuel-efficient.

The new Pirus model will appear on a different chassis and is going to feature structural rigidity, lower rate of centre gravity, greater aerodynamics. In addition, this is going to be a more affordable car than its predecessors.

One of the officials from Toyota reported that a special team was employed by the company for survey and to collect information on what customers are saying about the previous Pirus models. They observed that customers want Toyota to add more electrical range in the car, along with an advanced charging operation. The new system will be tested first in Europe and then in the U.S in 2014, before the company release the models in market for sale.

Earlier this year Toyota signed a deal with BMW to introduce a new sports car model and sports car lovers are soon going to avail the fruit of the deal. An official from Toyota hinted that the Supercar, Toyota has manufactured in corporation with BMW, will be introduced publicly in the 2014 Auto Show in Detroit.

Previous Supercar models, manufactured by Toyota, used to run on batterers but this time the specialists are trying to use the hybrid technology in the car.

Interestingly, the commercial deal Toyota signed with Ford last year is going to end in 2014.  Now, it is to see with whom they pair this time to commercialize the coming World Tour with the hybrid supermodels. .

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