Meningitis Took All 4 Limbs But She’s Fighting Bravely!

With a strong will and help from those that surround her, this little girl is living the best life she can.

#1 When September Arrived…

Little Harmonie-Rose Allen was infected with Meningitis just ten days after she took her first steps.


#2 Life Turned Upside-Down

She woke up one night coughing and unable to breathe. The next morning, she was turning blue. At first doctors thought it was a regular virus that would pass, but that’s when things took a turn for the worst.


#3 Beating the odds.

Doctors say it’s one of the worst cases they’d ever seen. Parents Freya Hall and Rose Allen stayed strong and pursued therapy that saved Harmonie’s life; though sadly took away her arms, legs, and the tip of her nose.


#4 A Turning Point

With help from her community, Harmonie’s parents were able to afford a standing frame so that she could be mobile.


#5 A New Beginning

Here is a picture of the frame that the community helped make a reality.


#6 As Good As A Parent Could Be

Harmonie’s parents are well-aware that their child is special. They plan on giving her the best life that they can provide.


#7 Unmeasurable Support

People that have been touched by this story continue to donate to help this brave, young girl live as good a life as she can. So far, the Help4Harmonie fund has raised over $210K!

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