Top 5 Education Apps On Android and iPhone

Apple in its App Store has a robust kids section full of valuable learning apps. Similarly, you can find thousands of apps in the Google Play store that offer great educational value for learners of various ages.

Besides seeing cartoons, playing mobile games and enjoying videos, kids can also make use of the phone to learn something. There is a whole new range of educational apps available for iPhone and Android that can nurture the mind of kids and help guardians attain peace of mind over their device use.

1. The Human Body

This is a great hands-on biology learning app for kids. By offering vivid and lively imageries and guidance it makes learning about the organs and organic functions easier.

  • The app is modeled after Tinybop’s model of the human body.
  • The kids can choose among some avatars and then major systems inside the body of that avatar are introduced and described.
  • It offers an interactive way to learn about the human body and organic functions.

2. Toddler Kids Puzzles PUZZINGO

Educational puzzles and funny problem-solving games is a good way to involve little kids in learning the process. It is a good app for introducing toddlers with various cognitive elements.

  • It easily introduces kids to relevant concepts like shapes, colors, numbers etc.
  • The app offers a rewarding experience for the kids by offering them a mini-game.
  • Preschool toddlers can be helped in learning vocabulary developing their aptitude.
  • The app is available in various languages.
  • There is also a special version of the app designed for kids suffering from autism.

3. Photomath

Photomath is a unique math learning application with images. The app offers a simple and quick way to learn the calculation and math.

  • It makes kids learn math by producing an image of the math problem and then the app helps kids solving it.
  • Besides giving a solution it also shows the previous steps in any calculation.
  • The app offers support for a wide variety of mathematical problems including arithmetic, fractions, decimals, logarithms, linear equations, etc.

4. Udemy

Udemy is a complete educational platform that offers various purchasable and free courses on a wide range of subjects. Udemy focusing on skill oriented learning can quickly make your teen specialist.

  • From classes on programming to learning popular Adobe or Microsoft software getting hands-on training on regular skills like making the public speech or cooking, you can find all kinds of learning resources here.
  • Every course here comes with instructional videos to make learning easier.
  • It has a worldwide community of learners behind it making it an invincible learning app or any skill set.

5. Winky Think Logic Puzzles

Puzzles with logical elements are great for kids and students to develop their aptitude and insight. This app just does that in a perfect manner.

  • This engaging logic puzzle app from Spinlight Studio offers the fun filled and intuitive way to get training in logic.
  • The app offers at present 180 logic puzzles that are developed to educate kids on reasoning and observational as well as spatial cognition abilities.
  • The logical education is offered through movable shapes while facing real life obstacles of various types.

When your kids use your smartphone or tablet for learning purposes you should be delighted because already mobile based learning is about to play a crucial role in the learning process.

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