8 Must Read Dating Tips For Men

Dating was never really easy for most men to be honest, but the modern age has complicated the game of courtship so much more. There are just too many rules in place now and none of them are written down anywhere! The good news is that although a lot has changed, there are still things that have not. The following eight tips are a combination of the old and the new, but they all work.

8 Must Read Dating Tips For Men

Take the Lead

If you ask her out for a date, she probably expects you to take the lead and decide the place for both of you. It’s a subtle way to show her that you can take lead when needed and women like that in a man. Just don’t try to take charge of everything though because that’s a recipe for disaster!

Ask Her Out in Person or On Call

Texting is common nowadays thanks to smartphones, but that doesn’t mean you should ask her out via text as well, especially not if it’s your first date. Preferably, ask her out in person if you have the option to meet her, but even a phone call will do. Call once more to confirm the date as it assures both parties and puts her at ease.

Confidence is Everything

Confidence is that one thing that can more or less win you the world, including the woman of your dreams. You don’t have to do a lot on your first date really, but whatever you do, do it with confidence. Make her feel that you are comfortable with who you are, and she may start to feel the same way too.

Don’t Fiddle with Your Phone

Not only is it a sign that you are nervous, it will give her the impression that you are not interested in her if you keep looking at your phone. Unless you want that to happen, put your smartphone away.

Keep Her Interested

Conversations should be more than just exchanging information about each other because that will soon become boring or end up in periods of awkward silence. Mix humor and flirting in your conversation so that she remains interested and entertained.

Exes are in the Past for a Reason

You should not be bringing up exes, especially if you are dating a divorced woman. Talking about a divorce or a bad breakup is a terrible idea when you are trying to start something new and more lasting. If the topic does come up from either side, keep things short and sweet before moving on to something else.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Plan an activity instead of just sitting down in a restaurant or bar for hours. Go for bowling, play pool or even hiking if she is up to it. Doing things together builds an instant bond and it is particularly helpful during those first few dates if you want to avoid running out of things to say to her.

Don’t Plan Your Future Together

It might seem like the perfect thing to do, but avoid it like the plague if it’s your first date or even the second one! The last thing that a woman wants to do is plan her future together with a stranger she hardly knows. That time may come, but you are not there yet.

Of course, these tips do not cover everything and there are most definitely other points to take note of, but these should set you on the right path. Just remember to enjoy yourself and don’t take anything too seriously on the first date. You need not impress everyone you meet, as long as you impress the right one.

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