Active Leisure: TOP 9 Sport Grounds In Lisbon

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Lisbon, as the capital of Portuguese, has enough resources to provide interesting active leisure and sport outdoors. Of course, it is very interesting and informative learning city sights. This is your chance to learn the city from side to side. Nevertheless, there are many places around, where you want to have active leisure. Travelling with kids, you should make a big break and get some rest after visiting museums. The city is full of interesting sport places – nice opportunity to climb special sport constructions and run the grass.

The best-loved places in Lisbon are:

Parque Florestal de Monsanto

Jamor Sport Complex

Surfing Beach Clubs

Campeonato de España de Longboard y SUP. Del  17 al 19 de Septiembre. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Active Leisure: Parque Florestal de Monsanto

It is time to start speaking about the city green zones from big parkland – Parque Florestal de Monsanto. It takes about 10% of the city territory! This is a huge recreation zone full of kids’ parks, observation platforms, and parks for radical sport, picnic places, alpinism and other active sports. It is so much pleasant walking there.

The park is comfortably situated – you should not go long. It is placed in the very city center. If you want, you can easily combine visiting park and city interesting places all together. As you remember, Monsanto lies close to Belem historical district. The territory is huge. It consists of…

Parque da Pedra

The place is famous of its climbing wall, 12 meters high. The park is divided into three big climbing parts and adventure routes with 18 hanging bridges. There is also a place for picnic.

Parque Recreativo do Alto da Serafina

The park is well-equipped, offering many interesting attractions for kids and adults. At another point, this park is a real observation point, showing the beautiful city view. Everything is beautiful: lawns, numerous trees and bushes, lakes. There is also a restaurant, picnic place, and driving school for kids.

Parque Recreativo do Alvito

This is the most impressive kids’ park in the territory. It was restored with the newest equipment: tents, carvel and wooden train. The territory is divided into separate parts according to the children’s interests: cartoons zone for young kids and Adventure Park for adults. Choose what you like.

Before visiting kids’ active territories in Lisbon, you should learn the rules:

It is prohibited taking animals in the park territory.

It is prohibited to go cycling and skating here.

It is prohibited to come in high heel.


Parque Recreativo dos Moinhos de Santana

The park zone is placed on 5 hectares territory of lawns, trees and bushes. The lake and waterfall make you to walk down the park road, crossing the territory from side to side. The park occupies a huge territory on the top of the hill, opening a beautiful view to Lisbon and Tejo. The park has modern sport equipment, restaurant, picnic park, kid’s park, skate rink, rollerdrome, and sport routes. There is also a big amphitheater in the open air, gathering about 180 guests all together.

Mata de Sao Domingos de Benfica

The place boasts with rich greenery. Thus, this is a place of ecological education for kids. The park is equipped with basketball field, picnic park, recreation zone, park for kids, WC, footing routes, sport routs, parking. The top place in the park is Parque Aventura – the recreation sport zone. It sounds interesting!

Alameda Keil do Amaral

This road is always blocked for car passengers. The park occupies a big Southern part of Monsanto Park. This is the place to enjoy beautiful river view and its South bank. You can walk, go cycling, make a picnic and spend a nice day here. There is also a sport route for aged people. This place is predicted to spend active time in the open air.

Active Leisure: Jamor Sport Complex

Meet Jamor Sport Complex! This is an interesting place for kids and their parents. This is the best-loved place for spending time with family outdoors. There is also a big parking place. This is a good idea to hire a car in Lisbon to visit park adventures with the whole family. So, the sport complex includes: football fields, grass hockey field, tennis-court, golf and mini-golf field, fitness-club outdoors, alpinist complex, bars and restaurants.

Sport complex is free visiting place. There are many international competitions in tennis, swimming and rugby are held there. Have some free time? You can easily come here to and get some fun outdoors with friends and relatives. It is always crowded in the park. People walk, do sports, and train hard. Of course, there are many fields that you must pay for.

Andrea Hlavackova

Active Leisure: Surfing Beach Clubs

The natural conditions of Lisbon make a good place for surfing. You can easily find a beach for experienced surfers and newcomers. Every next beach has its own surfing school and rental services. The water is mostly cool and wind is strong. This makes the perfect conditions for surfers. So, what are the most popular surfing beaches in the Lisbon territory? They are:

Santo Amaro de Oeiras


Sao Joao

Sao Pedro

These beaches are situated close to the capital. As a matter of fact, they are full of walking, training and swimming people. Never miss visiting Guincho Beach. This is the best-lived place for professional surfers. The beach attracts surfers with strong wind and big waves. The perfect place for going surfing is early morning. If you know nothing about surfing – do not worry. You can take few lessons in the next interesting beach – Costa da Caparica.


Coming to Portuguese, tourists meet interesting people, enjoying climate and collective leisure. Active sports are very popular in Lisbon and more. There is nothing better than fresh air, new meetings and active sports outdoors. You may choose what you like, cycling, kite surfing, footing or tennis. Do you like adventures? You should try climbing mountains or riding the sea. In one world, seek and you should find. The city offers lots of opportunities to have fun and get a little exercise. Do not stay uninvolved.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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