Spiritual Stones That Covers A Healthy Life

Peace, love, and the warmth that comes from interconnection, are they real or fantasy?  Living in a world which values money & the individual, there is not enough time to connect with other people, let alone find time to yourself.  The media portrays ongoing violence on one channel and celebrities celebrate glamor and fashion on the next.  The pressure at home and on the job adds up and can take a toll on the body and mind.  How do you connect to find your highest good?

Crystals that Heal

Everyone needs a way to heal from the harsh reality of daily life.  Spiritual stones and crystals are used to restore balance and infuse positive energy into that rhythm.  Crystal healing is a concept which is attracting more attention as we explore our world and learn more about it.  The exact purposes we need can be correlated to properties in harmony with each stone.  The use of stones in healing is used today in massage and medical practices like Ayurveda and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine).

Spiritual Stones That Covers A Healthy Life

How do you use Spiritual Stones?

Stones and crystals are used in crystal healing by placing them on points of the body corresponding to energy centers.  The stones can amplify energy, take on negative energy, and empower with positive energy.  Stones with high vibration are best for healing.  Rose quartz offers emotional healing and black onyx works against depression; together, they can be cooperative spiritual stones.

The Best Crystals for you

Among all the spiritual stones used in crystal healing, quartz crystal are the most popular in any collection.  Quartz is the second most abundant mineral.  Each crystal is unique in size, shape, color, and type.  For example, amethyst is known for being purple and rainbow quartz comes from a fracture in the crystal structure.

Quartz crystals are so widely used in healing because they exhibit amplification properties and are able to spread their energy wherever they are.  Thus it is not essential for the stone to be in direct contact with a person’s body for it to have an effect.  Each stone is positioned or hung in such a way that the healing will work on the energy fields and improve your aura.  The placement of these crystals can be changed from time to time so that you benefit from their healing powers.

Crystals are available for different purposes, depending on what you need.  Be sure to consider what you are seeking and be aware when you are attracted to the stone that feels right.  Jewelry can be worn so that you are in constant contact with the stone you want.

Choosing a Stone

Buy stones from a gem and mineral dealer who knows them well & that can be there to help when you need it.  At David Geiger Minerals, you can find spiritual stones with the metaphysical properties you need.  It is a great place to visit, where David Geiger exhibits quartz crystals and other minerals from around the world for sale.  Find out more about the healing properties of the stones.  Begin your healing process today & connect to what you want to attract in your life.

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