Top 6 SEO Tools For Mac That Every SEO Expert Must Have

The present world tends to rely more on technology. Today’s internet marketers are in search of the best SEO software for Mac due to the increasing demand of the Apple’s operating system. There has been great demand for Mac these days compared to other operating systems such as Linux and Windows. Business owners are advised to look for such software. By finding a reliable tool, business owners will be able to drive huge traffic to your website regardless of the platform. There are numerous SEO software for Mac that help you to boost the page rank on search engines. SEO software can also enhance the profitability and ensure that you stay in the competition. It really makes sense, if you start looking  at some of the best SEO software that help you to soar your business to greater heights.

Top 6 SEO Tools For Mac That Every SEO Expert Must Have

If you are in search of the best software for Mac, you are provided with a variety of choices. However, you need to make sure that you are aware of different features that make the software for Mac an effective one. You have to increase your knowledge about this subject to make sure that you won’t end up choosing a software that cannot perform as per the expectations and requirements of your business. By understanding the different features of SEO, you will be on your way of choosing one that is worth the money you spend. Below is the list of some of the best software for Mac.

1. SEO PowerSuite

This is one of the best SEO tools for Mac that has a variety of features such as – rank tracking, keyword search, on-page SEO audit, content optimization, backlink analysis and many more.  The biggest strength of this software lies in its features and the flexibility it offers in performing different kinds of tasks.

2. SEO Extract

SEO Extract has a great dashboard that helps it to track keyword rankings, analyse keywords from SEO perspective, detailed on-page stats, Piwik analytic data for site and many more. The biggest advantage of this software for Mac is that it makes it easy to track ranks of the same keywords across different domains, It can effectively match the crawl stats to the keyword ranking data.

3. SEOSpyder

This is an SEO tool for Mac by Mobilio that allow users to check the site for broken links, test the speed of the site, see the metadata of the site, check the status code of the web pages and much more. The biggest advantage of this tool is that it works for both mobile as well as the desktop version.

4. Paradox Viewer mac

This SEO tool allows you to read/open the Paradox tables on any device. This application don’t use external libraries, and hence it can be used on any computer without the need for additional installation. You can see the full system information of Paradox in the grid. You can even navigate through the images in a folder with the help of keyword shortcuts and navigation keys.

5. Market Samurai

There are numerous SEO strategies and Market Samurai is one such tool that allows you to take advantage of the top SEO strategies. This SEO tool for Mac has built up a solid reputation among SEO experts as the most highly developed SEO tool for streamlining critical SEO techniques.

6. Screenflow

Creating presentations is one of the best SEO strategy for promoting products and services. Screenflow helps users to create effective presentations and is packed with a variety of features such as – publishing directly to YouTube or Flash, 2D and 3D transitions, audio ducking, audio capture and much more.

Author Bio– Nick Evans is the managing director of a reputed firm. He has vast experience in a variety of SEO software for Mac. He is known to provide the best SEO solutions for his clients. 

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