She Saw Two Dogs Who Were Unable To Move. Then When She Saw Their Necks? OMG.


This picture was taken on a beautiful, 70-degree day in New York! Cute dogs – right?! Well, as it turns out, they were tied to the fence, abandoned by their owners. Someone left some water and some tin pans for them to drink out of, but there wasn’t any food. The Parks Department was called and so were the police.

Once the dogs were untied, they were taken to Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC). Sean Casey Animal Rescue has taken custody of the dogs, and it is hoped that the dogs can be adopted together – but they need a foster home first. The reasons why people abandon their dogs…. well the reasons don’t matter.

Take a look at this photo


There is no good reason to just abandon dogs or cats by dumping them on the street – surrender them to a shelter or find them a home. These are living, breathing creatures, they are not disposable! SHARE if you agree.

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