Safety Facilities In The Vehicles Help Sierra And Silverado Earn A Rank From NHSA

The first thing a truck buyer looks for is the safety. The trucks of various brands are ranked accordingly. Based on this ranking scale the trucks are bought and sold in the market. High Country, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and the GMC Sierra and Sierra Denali 1500 are the first ever pick up or utility trucks to receive the certification for safety from the National Highway Safety Administration. They received the five star Overall Vehicle Score for Safety from the department.

NHSAGay Kent the general director of General Motors of vehicle safety, supplies that the most important thing to a truck buyer is the safety factor. Truck companies like, Sierra and Silverado set the criteria for such requirements. They are well equipped with advanced features that protect the passengers during a sudden collision. Customized facilities like, safety alert seat, crash avoidance system, lane departure warning technology etc. make the occupants safe and gives an additional time to react. The safety alert seat warns the driver of potential danger in the road by using the directional vibration pulses located under the seat cushion. Another stunning feature is the forward collision alert technology that prevents frontal collision. This warns the driver about the probable collision giving him or her the necessary time to avoid the mishap.

The lane departure technology, prepares the driver of the probably accident when he or she glides over the lane with a speed of minimum 35 miles per hour. In addition to this, other features like, rear view camera protects the vehicle from crashing. The camera comes with elaborate guidelines that enable the driver to view the objects behind the vehicle via the radio screen. This ensures easy parking and backing of the vehicle.

If the above-mentioned features are not enough the customers can be lured with other facilities like, seat protection belt, six regular air bags and 360-degree sensor system.  They are further coupled with dual stage frontal bags, seat mounted air bags, side impact air bags and head curtain.

Companies that are sensitive about customer protection try to enhance better safety. StabiliTrak provides the driver with enough safety measure while towing a trailer particularly. The safety mechanism includes a sensor, which interferes with the brake and decreases the engine power as soon as it senses that the trailer is swaying. The reduced engine power soon brings the trailer under control. This is necessary for all types of road. In addition to this, four wheel, anti lock brakes and four channel brakes supply advanced device to thwart mishaps in most road conditions.

Sierra and Silverado was tested by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which has already initiated a change of its New Car Assessment Program for the year 2011 model. They provide completely covered frames of durable steel features and several other safety features. It ensures the security of the occupants by its exclusive forward collision alert, safety alert seat and lane departure warning. Leading automotive manufacturers like Chevrolet and General Motors anticipate the truck models to make an estimated sale of about 60 per cent of their 2014 net sales.

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