Essential Accessories For Toyota Trucks Performance

When we talk about trucks, it is all about toughness, stability, high performance and endurance. Toyota trucks run on the highways with all these features in place. To maintain the standard of such performance Toyota has in its store some performance boosting accessories.

Essential Accessories For Toyota Trucks Performance

Here is a list of them we get from Toyota dealership serving Boise

  1. The TRD PRO Performance Exhaust System: To boost up the brute force within the engine, Toyota has come up with some deep breathing tools. The TRD Pro exhaust is made to provide the engine with greater power restricting the path lesser while it bellows out a deeper softer tone.

The Performance Exhaust System is made up of premium stainless-steel grades it wears a cat-back design. The single TRD logo-etched exhaust tip creates a less restrictive path, reducing the backpressure for the torque. The improved horsepower can now bring down the noise limit to a legal 95-decibel.

  1. TRD Shift Knob – AT: To increase the connection to the Tundra one can simply shift to the TRD Pro shift knob which makes it all easy to replace and remove the installation without any necessity of drilling or any special tools.
  1. TRD PRO Front Skid Plate: This TRD Pro front skid plate is a help accessory to keep safe the underbelly of the Truck from killing boulders. The Plate is made to enhance the toughness and capability of the stance while protecting the vehicle underbody from any damage from branches, flying stones, ice chunks, boulders and any types of road debris.  The aluminum Skid plate is built 1/4-inches thick silver powder-coats that doesn’t meddle with the cooling system or block its way. Rather it provides cut outs to allow unrestricted access to every maintenance points including the vehicle tow hooks. The CAD simulations show rigorous engineering and scores high during the real-world testing. The skid plate is made to maximize the level of protection by preventing excessive vibration stress and works great on noise levels.
  1. TRD 16-In. Off-Road Beadlock-Style Alloy Wheels: The alloy wheels of TRD appears to be lighter in weight than the stock wheels. These wheels are specially crafted to dissipate heat and to bring about better strength-to-weight ratio keeping the corner weight down. They look smarter than many.

These Alloy Wheels come with nominal center bore that include a bronze or black or graphite painted finishing and the machined outer lip has a beadlock ring style. The snap-in center cap has a TRD embossed on it. The wheels ensure proper weight, its brake clearance is entirely focused on the reliability, click fit and finish.

  1. TRD Performance Oil Filters: The TRD Oil Filter is a 100% synthetic fiber filtration medium that keeps impurities away. The Filters are given a heavy-duty metallic body and the base plate shows extreme strength in which the openings are ported and fine polished to reduce any probable restriction of the oil flow and the pressure relief valve improve the flow during every cold start. The anti-drain back valve is made of high-temperature rated silicone retains the oil in the filter to avoid dry starts.

The Boise Toyota dealership can help you choose the right accessory you need for you Toyota Truck.

Summing Up

If you are a Toyota Truck owner, these accessories would be essential for you to maintain its performance level.

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