Tim James Is Declared The Winner Of The Slaughter Race Destruction Derby

The much-awaited show of the year Big Van is celebrated with usual pomp and show. The event of Big Van national Bangers met at Aldershot on Sunday as both the spectators and popular drivers gathered to get a slice of fun and amusement. Tim James, the Haywards Heath driver stole away the show as he managed to win both the final and the renowned Destruction Derby.

Writer, Michael Burnage commented that Tim James is one of the most popular drivers in the national circuit because of his capability to render an entertaining show to the audience. The spectators had turned up in large numbers to watch the car bangers. They wait for the entire event with utmost excitement throughout the year.

Big Van national BangersHowever, over the years there has been some recent developments and transformation in the event. The management organized for a bus that was no less than a single decker Bristol LH. The fact that it has a singular and interesting past made the event all the more interesting. Another latest addition is the mobile library. Tm James did not leave a single opportunity to strike at the back of it.  many as 20 vehicles were ready to race in the tracks. The car assembled at the starting point was various. From Ford Transits to minibuses to a Dodge ambulance, the event had nothing amiss.

Of all the drivers in the entertaining show Tim James were perhaps the most devout. According to the spectators, the mere game turned to a gory carnage as the cars tried to hit and over turn each other. James amid all these played his part well as his car sped past the other smashed and rolled over cars.

The climax was reached when the competition entered the final stage, with the smaller vans like, Tim James’ LDV Pilot, and cars outpacing the bigger vans and buses. The race at some point of time is reminiscent to the model recreation of David and Goliath story, according to some. When other big and gigantic ones were struggling to keep on the racing track James’ orange and purple van with its majestic glide took the first spot. It managed to dodge its way and avoid direct hits with rival cars with the grace of a ballet dancer and hit the finishing line. On asking him about his experience and the show, he casually and jovially commented that the weather is fantastic and that is the reason he is here to cause an upheaval.

As per the remark of fastest driver of the show Tim James, the entire track was turned into a chaotic place with vans toppling on one another. Each of the vans is trying to reduce the other into a mass of debris. Like bloodthirsty gladiators of the ancient times, the cars sped past one another in thunderous blows. It was announced in the meet that the last running van would be declared as the winner and be honored as Big Van Destruction Derby, which was none other than Tim James.

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