Rowdy cub slips in the water and cannot swim. Mama bear’s quick reaction saves him


Maternal instincts drive mothers to protect their young ones, even among the animals.

Mama pays close attention to her rowdy cub as he runs along the snowy rocks. The cub even takes a few bites of the packed snow.

The rowdy but cute cub soon learns a lesson the hard way. As he trots across the snowy rocks, he slips and falls into the water. Mama Bear jumps into action to save the cub. Moments later, Mama Bear, pushes the cub out the water.

The little cub continues playing; but this time far away from the slippery rocks as Mama Bear saunters around her cub.
We hope Mama Bear will give the cub swimming lessons after what happened.

The story proves that kids can be feisty, regardless of their species. Also, nothing compares to a mother’s love and protection.

Watch the story below and let us know what you think.

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