Mother Shares Photos Of Her Miscarried Babies On Facebook For A Beautiful Reason


When Mindy Raelynne Danison miscarried her baby girl, Annabelle at 8 weeks,5 days, and her baby boy Riley at 7 weeks, she cherished the few moments that she got to see them.

#1 8 Week Old Fetus

When Mindy Raelynne Danison miscarried her baby girl, Annabelle at 8 weeks, 5 days, she just had to see her.

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#2 Annabelle

Contrary to popular belief, at just 8 weeks old, her baby looked like a baby, not just a glob of cells.

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#3 Characteristics

Between 7 and 8 weeks gestation, these babies can move, squint, rollover, touch their feet and touch their faces.

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#4 So Small

Little Annabelle may be small enough to fit inside a ring, but she has little fingers, toes, eyes, and a brain.

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#5 So Cute

This mother loved her tiny baby like any mother who gave birth to a full term baby. She preserved her image in photos, sharing them on FaceBook to educate other women about what their babies look like in the womb.

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#6 Riley

Mindy had a second miscarriage at 10 weeks, losing her little boy Riley who had died in the womb at 7.5 weeks old. She did the same photoshoot with him as she did with his sister, saying this on FaceBook, ‘he went to heaven November 6th but was born November 23. We are blessed to have got to meet our little one. Life is incredibly beautiful! We went to walmart, then at 1pm on the way to mom’s house i started having contractions. They got more intense. When i got to mom’s i got into the tub and had my beautiful amazing little Riley at 3:35pm. Home water birth is what i’d always dreamed of having and i finally got to. Seeing Riley has brought me peace and comfort. I love him and God will care for him for me until i can be with him again. baby Riley is estimated to being 7.5 weeks, Riley was born at 10 weeks.’


#7 Amazing

Mindy got to experience what most women don’t, and that is to see their miscarried fetuses… Now you can see how fetuses look like when they are so young and she wanted other people to see how these fetuses look like…

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