Foods To Eat Before and After Exercise

Do you love exercise? By far it is the best way to stay healthy and feel good. But it sure did not know that if you eat these 8 foods before and after exercising, you will you get more juice to your workout routine. Discover what is the best way to feed!

Foods To Eat Before and After Exercise

Before: Yogurt with Nuts

Ready to go running? Wait! Before eating some yogurt mixed with nuts, it’ll be the revolution that is missing in your body for exercise! Make sure that most of what consume nuts and dried fruits are like that. These have healthy sugars that provide energy quickly and maintain your normal insulin levels during training. But beware! Do not forget that if you eat many nuts the effect can be negative, since all contain high levels of fat, so they are digested more slowly and that can make you sweat more and you’re slower.

After: Vegetarian Avocado Omelette

It is known that eggs are a rich source of protein and help in muscle recovery. So the best thing to do after is exercised sorry prepare a delicious vegetarian omelette of avocado. Why Avocado? Because it fulfills a similar olive oil, which is helping nutrients from food are absorbed better function. So decorate your omelet with few slices of avocado, and enjoy!

Before: Whole Wheat Toast with Banana and Cinnamon

If we talk about preparing for training, carbohydrates are our best friends. The key is to achieve a combination of simpler and more complex, so that the energy release is slow and constant throughout the exercise routine. It incorporates some cinnamon, which functions as a regulator of blood sugar and brain functions improve them.

After: Grilled Chicken with Vegetables

After the gym your body must recover, so you need to eat something high in nutrients. Proteins and carbohydrates chicken satiate you without exhibiting excessive you feel full. Accompanies meat with vegetables in olive oil, to complement the best way.

Before: Smoothies

You want to eat some way to the gym and do not know what? Well, I suggest you choose a smoothie. They are not only quick and easy to do, but also have many benefits to exercise. Ideally, mix your favorite fruit, sliced with a cup of yogurt.

After: Salmon with Potatoes

Bioactive peptides are proteins that reduce inflammation, and is found in salmon. What they do is help insulin levels are regulated. In addition, sweet potatoes contain complex carbohydrates, which helps restore glycogen levels generally exhausted after exercising.

Before: Apples with Almond Butter

If you love sweet things, this suggestion is perfect for you. As it is not good eating very sweet foods before exercise, it is best to supplant them with a fruit such as apples. If you do not want more hunger right away, you can spread a tablespoon of almond butter on apple. This will decrease your appetite and have a lot of energy.

After: Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk after training is the latest trend, and is above the water. The reason? Simple! It has everything your body needs in a single glass: carbohydrates, protein, water, sodium, calcium and sugar.

These components help in muscle recovery, avoid water retention and improve our energy. And it is also very rich!

And good? Which of these foods, you prefer for before and after exercise? The most important thing is that you stay fed for sports is healthy and not periodical to be weak due to lack of food. Beware and leads a healthy life!

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