Electric Motorcycle – Would You Really Go for it? Choice Is Yours

Strange as it may sound, but lately I have realized that riding an electric motorcycle is no less different than using a smartphone. Both need to get recharged every now and then and without them you feel terribly alone.

So, those of you who are very much concerned about the impact of fossil fuels on the environment and therefore, decided to move on to electric vehicles, think twice. Electric vehicles though outwardly they might look the same, are completely different in nature. They behave differently and as obvious, their performance may fail to live up to your expectation level.

Riding an electric motorcycle is certainly exciting and there is no of doubt about it, but it could equally be a harrowing experience for an unsuspecting rider who is unaware of its basic features. At first, you will feel high and it will seem to you that it is a great idea to move to an electric vehicle, but as time elapses, you will come to term with the reality of things.


Range Anxiety

Range Anxiety is the very first thing that is going to hit you. When you are driving a regular motorcycle, a trip of 80 miles is a fun ride for you. But things take a totally different turn when you are riding on an electric motorcycle. You will be checking the status of the fuel all the time and since there are not many places to recharge your bike, you could easily find yourself stranded halfway. So, if you are planning beyond making a regular trip around your city, you need to plan ahead unless you don’t mind spending a night ‘under the blue sky’. Here are few other things that you should not overlook before you decide to buy an electric motorcycle –

The most disconcerting thing about an electric motorcycle is that it does not make much noise. No exhaust roar, no transmission noise and not even the boom boom sound when you start the motorcycle. So, it is just sound of the wind and the creaks of the pavement when pressed by the tires.

However, this silence can kill you [I mean it!]. Since the motorcycle is making no noise, it will make you almost invisible to other Motorists. So, when you are riding on an electric motorcycle, it demands extra attention otherwise a terrible accident is what will be waiting for you.


Performance is another segment where electric motorcycle cut a poor figure. However, they are not that bad. You can have a great ride with the following features instant acceleration, quick swerving, super awesome brakes and suspension etc. But if you are looking for the same sensation that a regular Harley Davidson bike offers, you will definitely find yourself deeply disappointed.

And of course, you have to be ever alert when you are riding an electric motorcycle. So, if you feel that you are a little bit high or tipsy, don’t even think of touching her. Driving an electric motorcycle safely demands both agility and strength. So if you ever feel that your decision making power is getting clouded by some outward influences, you have to put the idea of mounting on her to rest for your own good.

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