The New Released “Motorcycle Dreams” By Andreas F. von Recum

If you are among the group of people that love motorcycles, no matter which kind they are, then you will surely enjoy this piece of history from the motorcycle world. The author, an American with German origins, Andreas F. von Recum, has felt his passion for these vehicles from his early years and especially appreciated the first models of motorcycle that appeared after the World War II. “Motorcycle Dreams” is actually a tribute of the author to all the two wheeled vehicles that had stood by his side throughout his life and how he ended up meeting them and making the choices he did.


All the motorcycles today had a start somewhere in the past. As the author is presenting in his book, they were a very practical mean of transportation right after the World War II. So if you enjoy a well-built motorcycle today, maybe it will be an interesting incursion into the world where they first appeared and to know what their first purposes were. Of course, not everything was as well as everyone is imagining, since the book is telling about the fall of interest in the two wheeled vehicles when cars began to spread. Everyone seemed to be preferring a mean of transportation that was larger and had a roof. Luckily that did not last long, since they came back into the passionate hearts, a true evidence are the models that can be found today and the increasing numbers in people that choose to have this as a hobby.

The author’s style is very friendly and light, for comprehension, so it will be a delight to read the book for everyone, even if the reader has no knowledge about motorcycles or their characteristics. The book is very well structured and all the models that are mentioned in the events told by the authors have great quality pictures for a better understanding of the differences and special features of every model. Of course, there are black and white picture, since the motorcycles brought into discussion in the book are very old ones, but regardless of that the pictures are clear with a vintage air that make us have a flash into the past.

Even if you don’t have a motorcycle or never thought about this as an attraction, the book is still recommended for reading. It is very pleasant to see how a real hobby van be present in a person’s life, no matter where he goes, and how much satisfaction it can give. Beginning with a simple moped and getting to more complex models like a BMW and Honda is a great evolution for something that started like a shy hobby. Not to mention the places he’s been through and the sites he visited, all of these can be possible just by hitting the road on board of a great motorcycle. It can be very comfortable, but it adds to the level of adventure, since you are always exposed to the nature’s will. But, at least, you can do something that is out of the ordinary and feel more alive and connected to the places you visit. Not to mention the fact that you can stop wherever you want.

It is a great thing that the author thought about sharing his experiences with the reader, through this book. It is rather fascinated to witness the birth of a machine that will be much appreciated after centuries, watch the fall of them and see the resurrection, due to appearance of sports that have as a main character the motorcycle and the spread of hobbies on the same subject. It is a lesson of great history and events back from the days when vehicles weren’t so common among people. Having the opportunity to go back in time with the help of this book is a great escape for the present we got so used to.

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