Traveling Without Pets: How Does a Dog Boarding Service Work?

How Does a Dog Boarding Service WorkWe all love our pets. To most of us our dogs have become an important part of the family. However, our dogs are a ton of responsibility and often require us to sacrifice our time and participation in events so we can go home and feed and walk the dog. Most days we are content to do just that but there are occasions when we might wish for another option, especially when we are traveling.  Dog Boarding is the option you have been seeking.

What Is Dog Boarding?

Dog boarding is a service offered by many pet kennels that allows you to drop off your dog for a pre-determined amount of time. It works a bit like a hotel for dogs. The kennel staff takes responsibility for the health and happiness of your pet during his stay. Some dog boarding services even act as day care for dogs while owners are at work. This allows you the owner to stay for that after work event or even to go out of town on vacation without worrying for the safety of their best friends.

Dog Boarding Services

Dog boarding kennel employees will treat your pet like family. Your dog will be regularly walked and allowed to run. Staffers will take care of all the feeding and watering your animal needs. In some cases behavioral training will be made available. On staff vets will administer any medicine or treatments your pet requires while a guest of the dog boarding service. Someone will always be available if your dog requires emergency care so that you do not need to worry. Some dog boarders even offer web cams so you can check on your dog with your own eyes.

Do Dogs Enjoy Their Stays?

Dogs do enjoy a change of scenery. Most dogs also enjoy the company of other dogs. The employees of the dog boarding service will observe these interactions closely for the protection of all the animals. Some services will encourage you to bring your pets favorite toys and food to the kennel. This allows you pet to feel at home during his temporary stay. The best dog boarding services are like hotel stays for your pet. Your dog will get to expend much more of his energy in a safe way. Your best friend will return home calm and comfortable which allows his owner to enjoy his company all the more.

The Bottom Line

We love our dogs but sometimes we just want a quiet night that does not involve an endless game of fetch or long walks when you are already tired. Nor might we want the hassle of traveling with our pets, which is not good for the dog, or for you. Dog boarding can provide the break you need even if just for a night or two a week, or for a longer trip. Your dog will enjoy the stay, get plenty of exercise and learn to socialize with other dogs. You get to watch Breaking Bad without interruption or even go out to dinner or on a longer excursion. Dog boarding gives you the freedom to live your life while also enjoying the regular company of our canine best friends. To learn more, visit Metro Dog.

Jon Williams writes for a variety of business, pets, and sports websites.


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