Common Private and Public Schools Myths

It is often said that private schools are better than public schools. Many students attend “typical” public high school and their quality may vary significantly. There are indicators that we can use to determine good quality school. In fact, many public schools are equal to surpass private schools. We should know that knowledge knows no place and it doesn’t reside only in expensive school. It is possible for students to get first class education in local public schools. Access for knowledge is the same. It can be obtained from books, videos, lecturers and other sources. If our children don’t seem to perform well in school, we shouldn’t blame the school, because there are many indicators that we should consider. It is important for parents to know what their children do in public schools.

Regardless of the school, people can reach top level positions only by working harder. Also, we should know that private schools are not always better than public schools, including their teachers. Teachers need excellent professional credentials and there are many qualified teachers in public schools. It is important for parents to be more proactive and seek teachers that can provide the best possible education. Many parents are concerned that their children may get bad influences from public school. It is true that public schools are designed to serve everyone and it means that students who have interest in learning could benefit significantly from public schools. Many larger public schools actually have schools within the school, allowing students to get narrowed down education on many subjects.

It is often said that private schools have more high achievers. However, some private schools are filled with students who are expelled from public schools. Parents shouldn’t kid themselves into believing that students can be isolated from bad influences in high schools. Some private schools can actually have decadent lifestyle with parties, alcohol and even drugs. Public schools are often believed to have less academic rigor. It is true that students can complete most public schools without too much learning process. However, public schools with more rigorous tests and other remands can prevent low-achieving students from graduating too easily. Many public schools are known for their high caliber learning experience that can rival some of the most expensive private schools.

 Many parents believe that there are more extracurricular options in private schools. In reality, larger public schools could have a variety of extracurricular activities for students. As an example, students can choose between different athletic programs. Extracurricular activities can be chosen based on different preferences of students. Many parents also think that good public schools are usually found in rich neighborhoods. This may be true because the local tax base is better and there are better community that supports public schools. Affluent families may want to make sure that local public schools can cater to their educational needs. However, many public schools that are located in suburbs often provide excellent learning quality. This is an important thing that we may need to consider.

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