No Scooters, But E-Bikes On The Streets Are The Future?

In the future, the youth will drive the past on an e-bike. This is confirmed by one in five American people who think e-bikes are going to replace scooters in the future. The main reason to choose this as an alternative is because an e-bike is a lot cheaper (62%) than a scooter. This is the finding of an American manufacturer of e-bike bicycle parts.

Other reasons why people think the youth chooses an e-bike in the future because it is a healthier choice (28%) and an e-bike is safer than a scooter (17%).

Young people themselves agree with this, as much as 69% percent agree to choose the future with an e-bike because of the lower costs. Extensive bike past the people’s perception over the use of e-bikes in the future is bright. More than one in three English people also think that these e-bikes will replace the normal cycle in the future. In addition, one in five peoples in US believe that e-bikes in the future serve as a popular alternative to public transport. The independence it brings the most padded argument, 43% of English people would opt an e-bike for this reason. You do not have departures of buses, subways and trams and no need to keep an eye on if you have choose the best electric scooter for your needs.

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As the majority (42%) in United State said, an e-bike is seen as a popular alternative to public transport. This is the fact that US citizens indicate that an e-bike in the future can be especially used for residential or work places. In addition, 34% of the US citizens think an e-bike could be mainly used for recreational purposes. If you are in search of decent and affordable electric bike conversion kits, Panda eBikes can offer an extensive selection of electric bike spares and accessories from the industry’s top manufacturers available for order at

Last year a total of 276,000 e-bikes were sold, up a whopping 23.6 percent over the previous year. In 2016, sold 223,000 e-bikes.

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