What You Need To Know When Moving To Sydney

So you are thinking of relocating to Sydney and starting a new life in the Land Down Under? Emigrating to Australia is a great option and can bring you a lot of opportunities as well as a sunnier, happier and healthier lifestyle. If you are relocating to Australia one of the cities that you might end up in is Sydney, as it is a large metropolis that offers a lot of job opportunities. Australian visas for UK citizens make it possible to relocate and work here permanently.

When you make your move to Sydney, here are some of the important things that you should know.

It’s Very Warm!

In the summer (which is the winter as you know it if you are from the Northern Hemisphere), the temperature in Sydney will be very warm. It can get up to the 30 degrees in the summer months and the thermometer can sometimes even raise up into the mid-40s.

There’s No “City Centre”

Sydney is a bit of a spread out city and it doesn’t really revolve around a specific central point. It has 10 different villages each with their own unique vibe. The Central Business District is the financial and business centre of the city, but it isn’t really the heart of what is happened. There is the affluent Harbour and Northern Suburbs, the hipster neighbourhood of Newtown, the touristy Bondi and Chinatown in Haymarket. Fortunately, there is a good public transport system that will help you to get around the city.

It’s Expensive

Australia is one of the more expensive countries in the world in which to live, so you will probably find that prices for houses, food, transport and other expenses are higher than you are used to when moving to Australia from the UK. However, the cost of living is reflected in the wage and you will be paid a decent amount when you start working in Australia – even for an entry level job.

Coffee is Really Important

Australians love their coffee and they take it very seriously. When you order a coffee you will be given a lot of options that can be confusing at first, from long black to flat white and much more. Figure out what they mean so that you can order exactly what kind of coffee you like. When it arrives you will be able to enjoy a very high quality cup of pick-me-up.

Don’t Forget to Wear Sunscreen

The weather in Sydney is hot and sunny for most of the year, so you will likely be spending a lot of time on the beaches and in the parks. Make sure that you wear plenty of sunscreen and keep yourself protected, as the sun in Australia is a lot stronger than anywhere else. The ozone layer has been depleted between 5-9% which means that you will burn a lot faster than you are used to.

Bondi Isn’t the Best Beach

Speaking of soaking up the sunshine on the beach, Bondi is the most touristic option and isn’t even the best beach. There are many other better beaches to enjoy in Sydney, such as Manly Beach which is only five miles from the city but very laid back and relaxing. There is also Bronte Beach which is a lovely family friendly spot that has spacious barbeque areas perfect for picnics. You can also head to Nielsen Park Beach, which is known as a hidden secret in Sydney and has a secluded quaint charm to it.

Get Out of the City and Enjoy Nature

One of the perks of living in Sydney is that you are never far from nature. Be sure to take the time to visit some of the many parks in the Sydney area, including Royal National Park and K-Ring-Gai Chase National park where the wild turkeys and wallabies roam. Another great place to visit is the Manly to Spit Bridge Walk which is one of the most popular bush walks in the city for its many scenic viewpoints.

Along the Eastern Coastline of Sydney you can see whales making their twice yearly migration. They can often be spotted when you are walking along the Southern Coastal Walk.

These are just a few important things that you should know when it comes to moving to Sydney, so that you will be prepared for your new life in this beautiful Australian city.

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