9 Essential Tips To Learn French Effectively

Are you thinking of learning French? Well, hold your horses before you buy yourself a book or join a French-speaking course. You already have the most important thing you need to learn the language and that is YOU.

But, of course, you need a guideline to start with the learning process, so here we have shared some tips that will help you master the language easily. Just read on and help yourself!

  1. Decide your learning style

Before you push yourself into the learning and practice process, slow down and analyse which learning style works best for you. Some people find it easy to learn in a group while others might prefer to practise on their own. Whichever method suits you, follow it so that you would not be wasting your time on unnecessary trial methods.

  1. Find your goal and motivation

Setting up a goal is necessary for the accomplishment of any task. Similarly, motivation is the key to success. So before you set out, find out why you want to learn it? And also figure out the source of inspiration that will keep you motivated throughout your journey. Once your mind is set for its goal, focus on the learning and put all your efforts to make it a success.

  1. Don’t expect perfection in the beginning

If you are under the impression that just a few days are enough for you to the master the language, then you are wrong!. There is a set process for every task. In the beginning, you will be making mistakes, but don’t get embarrassed with them just keep learning. Sooner or later, you will get a hang of it!

  1. Have an ‘ear’ for French

A language is the first and foremost way of communication. To learn it effectively, try to develop a habit of listening to more of it. Watching best French movies, listening to French music, French news or debates are some effective ways that will help you develop a good ear for the language.

  1. Practice speaking

No matter how difficult you find to learn the language initially, practice will help you get over your obstacles.  There is no doubt that studying a language and grammar rules is helpful, but you cannot master it until you start speaking it. So, practise more and try to speak in French as much as possible.

And if you are finding it tough to speak, then write down the words and later try pronouncing them. So, take a cheap printed pen and write down the sentences on a paper that you find difficult to articulate.

  1. Don’t break consistency

Learning a language is not like a walk in the garden. It takes time and commitment; moreover, consistency is the most important thing required for it. So, try to be regular in your ‘self-coaching classes’. Instead of cramming the knowledge in one or two days in a week, try to give at least 30 minutes a day to your learning.

  1. Communicate with yourself

To make yourself easy with the new language, it’s better to communicate with yourself as much as possible. It will not only help you develop your pronunciation, but also make you feel a step closer to it. And as you don’t have anyone else around you all the time to practise it with, YOU are the best option for yourself.

  1. Use flashcards

One of the useful tips to follow is to make flashcards.  You can write some words and phrases that you want to practise more on small flashcards. Make sure these cards are small enough to carry with you all the time. Thus, you can use them in your free time like when standing in a queue, travelling in a public transport, waiting for someone etc.

This way, you can utilise even a couple of free minutes and add a bit more to your learning.

  1. Find a native speaker

No other thing is as good to learn practically as a native speaker. Try to find out a native speaker that can talk to you. This will literally speed up your learning. Also, try to communicate with him/her as much as possible.

We hope these tips will help you get a command over the language as soon as possible. So keep learning and we’re sure you will rock it eventually!

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