5 Marketing Tips For Jewelry Selling Businesses

Whether you have your own online business or an actual physical store, marketing and selling jewelry can differ from other products. Yet, all business have one thing in common-you are unlikely to make many sales if people don’t even know you exist.

That is where marketing comes in.

Here are 5 marketing tips for your jewelry-selling business.

1. Offer Your Best Designs To Customers For Special Events

In Hollywood, jewelers loan out their best pieces to celebrities for red carpet events. In fact, there is a great deal of competition by jewelers to get their pieces on a celebrity at a plum red carpet event.

While events in your city may not make national headlines, that doesn’t mean you can’t take a tip from the bigger designers. If your clients have special events they are attending, you can offer them the use of some of your more exquisite designs for the evening.

Depending on the value of the pieces, you can have them insured, but special events are a great way to get your designs on display.

2. Take Great Photos Of Your Jewelry For Use On Social Media

These days, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take great photos. You do, however, have to put a great deal of care and effort into it.

One thing to keep in mind is that photography is an art form.

Photography composition matters.

While you want to take sharp, clear photos that show off all the detail of the piece, you also want to make sure the photo itself is compelling. You can accomplish this by playing with some simple lighting techniques and even experimenting with different backgrounds.

You don’t have to invest in expensive equipment to get great photos, but you should invest some significant time.

3. Build Your Own Unique Brand

Whether you create your own jewelry, own your own independent jewelry store or even an online business selling a specific company’s product, you still need to create your own brand.

This can include your own Etsy store, your own Facebook page, and your own website.

Consider starting your own blog to offer advice:

  • What the latest jewelry trends are
  • How to pair jewelry with outfits
  • How to care for or clean your jewelry

The bottom line is, no matter what type of jewelry you sell or who you sell it for, you want to make yourself the go-to source for all things jewelry related.

4. Develop A Marketing Strategy

Imagine you live in Iowa and want to drive to New York.

Would you just get in the car and drive, or would you first map out a detailed route for getting there?

Your travel plans would most likely include at least a rough idea of where to stop for the night and maybe even hotel reservations. You will also need a budget and some idea of what the trip will cost.

Trying to market a product without having a strategy is like getting into the car to drive to New York with no clear idea of how to get there.

5. Use Social Media, Use Social Media, Use Social Media

I cannot stress the importance of using social media enough.

In fact, no matter how much you may be currently using social media, you are probably not using it to its fullest potential.

In part, this is because the tools are changing all the time.

While you may be limited in ways in which you personally can use social media, every one of your customers, clients, partners or friends also has a social media presence that can be leveraged on your behalf.

Whether it’s using a special hashtag you create, sharing a tweet or posting photos of themselves wearing your pieces, the sky is literally the limit for the ways you can leverage social media for marketing.

Whatever you are currently doing, never stop looking for ways of using it to do more.

One thing to keep in mind is the difference between sales and marketing.

As a small business owner, you will most likely have to do both, but it is important not to confuse the two.

Marketing is about building the relationship.

It is about making people aware of your product and what you offer.

While you can sell a product to a person you had no previous relationship with, the stronger the foundation is before you make a sale, the more likely they are to become a repeat customer.

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