Car Accessories: How to Choose Those that You Really Need

Cars are probably one of the most prized possessions of their owners, not because they are expensive but because they are like a second home to many of us. This affection towards cars often prompts us to spend a lot of money on good products, parts and accessories on the market. By improving your car through new parts and accessories, you can add both style and class, but not all of them are necessary. Since the market is saturated with car accessories all over, knowing which ones you really need can save you both money and time.

Safety first

It goes without saying that your safety and the safety of your passengers is among the most essential functions of your car. In the broader sense, vehicle accessories fall into two categories: the ones that are there to improve safety, and the ones that are there for purely aesthetic appeal. It’s always more prudent to first grab the items you need for safety, like first aid kits, fire extinguishers, alarm systems and airbags, before you spend on upgrades such as custom flares, low-riding springs and low-profile rims. On the other hand, it’s not uncommon for decorative vehicle parts to come with an abundance of features, some of which include safety measures as well.


Although design trends such as urban SUVs and supermini hybrids are becoming a mainstay of virtually every brand, cars still greatly differ on the inside. Accessories such as console leather side pockets can make up for the lack of storage space, and anatomic seat cushions can upgrade the driver’s seating position in a car that lacks lumbar support in the front seats.


Strict carbon emission laws invite car manufacturers to design models that often trade additional accessories for the loss in car weight. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for vehicles to come with no spare tyres as a part of that strategy. A can of tyre repair spray is capable of fixing any hole, inflating it and sealing it in seconds, allowing you to drive to the nearest repair shop. A portable power bank, on the other hand, is your best friend when your battery burns out. For example, this Sydney-based supplier of car accessories stocks a range of useful battery-related products that you can check out.


While most of the upper-mid car trims include Bluetooth connectivity in their infotainment systems, a huge number of older cars lack the feature, so they resort to portable phone holders and earpieces for hands-free use. The latest generation of Bluetooth FM transmitters not only have a fast USB charging port, but can also play music from your phone or MicroSD card. They also have a built-in microphone that lets you make hands-free calls.


When it comes to splurging on vehicle accessories, only a small number of owners thinks twice, which makes it very easy to go overboard. However, when you’re on a tight budget, there are other priorities. This means purchasing safety and utility items first, while the ornamental ones can wait until the next purchase. Unfortunately, it’s always more alluring to buy the ones that look classy as well as those that look good but are cheap. It’s important to avoid the pitfall of going for cheap, substandard accessories that are under your vehicle’s class, age and trim level.

Choosing the right accessories ultimately depends on your driving philosophy, habits, preferences and your lifestyle. With endless accessories at your disposal, determine the purpose of each one you plan to purchase and see if they can upgrade your driving experience before you count the cash.

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