10 Ideas and Tips for Writing an Impressive Personal Essay for College

Have to write a personal essay but don’t know what to write? A personal essay relates to the life, intimate thoughts, and experiences. The main purpose of a personal essay is to inspire the readers. Thus, choosing the best topic is considered a troublesome task by the students. The personal statement inevitably revolves around the idea that the readers should gain an insight about you. It could be sharing your accomplishments, goals, but the foremost purpose is to convince the admission committees. Simultaneously, abiding by the specific requirements is also important. Here’s a list of some easy approaching topics for your assistance:

  1. An Event that changed your life forever

Have you ever experienced a life-changing event? This event could have created an impact on your life physically or mentally. Moreover, it can be a tremendous transformation, for example, moving to a different country, someone who has inspired you, an accident, and loss of someone special, a success story, or a failure. It can be anything as far as it describes your feelings and gives your reflection to the readers.

  1. A failure/disappointment experienced by you

The topic is quite relatable to the prior topic; however, it describes an event that impacted your life in a negative manner. A failure event followed by its effect and the ways in which you coped up with it could make you ace it with flying colors.

  1. If you could gain a superpower, what would it be?

Superpowers, who doesn’t wish for the superpowers, for instance, invisibility, super strength, healing power, power mimicry, invulnerability or flying with a cape? Surely, you want them too! These give an insight to the readers about your imaginative power and analytical thinking.

  1. A million dollars, how would you spend them?

Everyone wishes for millions of dollar; however, they differ in their thinking about its investment. Some would like to invest it in their own luxuries, personal interests, charity funding, businesses or some would perhaps…have no idea. This question tends to help the committee discern about your plans.

  1. Aims and aspirations

It is one of the easiest topics. However, there is a very diverse range of responses to it. It could be something as basic as a future that envelopes your personal development, career, and family or something as big as a professional career and a big contribution to society.

  1. You are capable of reading people’s minds, would you or not?

Telepathy is regarded as the ability to transfer the emotions, words, and images to someone’s mind or simply mind reading. The topic could be approached in a creative manner by giving proper justifications for your statements.

  1. Your long-term and short-term goals

This topic is quite relatable to the aims and aspirations. However, you can jot down your goals succinctly while choosing this topic.

  1. What music is your source of inspiration?

It is widely perceived that the musical taste of an individual reveals about his/her personality. According to researchers, whether it is classical, jazz, soul, rock, indie, country, or pop music, listening to top 10 songs of your track list could inevitably enable people to make accurate judgments about you.

  1. How do you cope up with a challenging situation?

Ways in which you can cope up with a difficult situation could help the committee in making a perception about your personality. Moreover, it tells them that how would you likely react to unforeseen challenges. You can mention an event where you confidently dealt with an extremely difficult situation.

  1. Ways in which you can contribute to the integrity of the institution.

Whether it is an admission committee or an employment committee, each institution strives to offer admission or recruit an individual who contributes to their institution as well as society in a positive manner respectively. Thus, this topic could be a great insight reflector.

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