Why Some Social Media Accounts Are So Successful

Instagram has hundreds of millions of users, and you may be wondering what exactly it is that makes some accounts pop off in popularity. Do their owners have the magic touch? It’s so interesting to see which accounts grow popular and which don’t, and the way an influencer captivates their audience varies by topic. We’ll break down the five biggest reasons that certain accounts become popular, as well as how the audience is optimized by the account holder when he or she achieves popularity. These tips to gaining followers and attention can be used by pretty much any Instagram user, regardless of industry.

Why Some Social Media Accounts Are So Successful

1. These accounts are reputable in commercial industries for their recommendations and product promotion.

Some of the most followed, popular accounts on Instagram became that way because they became reputable in the fashion world for their products, as well as their recommendations. They are trusted to give an honest, fair review of different products and not lead their readers astray. One example of this is the account @glamfashionsx. @Glamfashionsx contains pictures of clothing, makeup, and jewelry (with some cute animals thrown in), and links to get to the Instagram profiles of the companies that make these products.

@Glamfashionsx does not own the pictures that they post, and they make sure to give credit to the accounts that do. This account is all about curation, and they have 1.5 million followers and get several thousand likes per post. @Glamfashionx optimizes its audience by giving them purchasing power, linking them directly to the product that they fall in love with.

2. These accounts offer tutorials of some sort.

No matter what the topic, tutorials are always a great way to get attention. A lot of people are visual learners, and tutorial videos and pictures are able to be posted on Instagram in order to teach users how to quickly and efficiently do something. An example of this is the account @makeuptutorialsx0x, which as 396,000 followers. @Makeuptutorialsx0x gives examples on how to contour and apply makeup that will flatter and airbrush your face. This popular account, much like @glamfashionsx, includes links to the profiles of the people who sell the makeup that they’re using, optimizing the purchasing power of the audience.

3. These accounts are comedic.

Comedy is universal, and the most popular accounts on Instagram are those either belonging to comedians or sharing memes from them. Memes, which are pictures that repeat and circulate throughout social media, are shared on accounts that curate them and spread them to the rest of us. The account @9gag has 32 million followers, and it posts funny pictures and memes that get hundreds of thousands of likes. @9gag has capitalized on this popularity, creating its own website that makes money from ad revenue and merchandise.

4. These accounts keep their users updated on the latest news, whatever it is.

Political accounts are a great example of this. The accounts for @CNN, @MSNBC, and @FoxNews are all followed by millions of people who are interested in discovering the latest breaking news. These accounts post screenshots of stories and short videos of interviews, among other news-related topics. With the election as popular as it is, accounts that frequently update their users on latest events are followed by a lot of people who want to keep updated on what’s going on around them. Whatever your political beliefs, this is one example of how an audience can be optimized. These audiences are already interested in politics, and these stations and channels attract viewers that are like minded, directing them to the main channels, websites, and branches of the corporations.

5. These accounts appeal to a common interest (cute animals and babies, pretty much).

If there’s one thing that almost everyone loves, it’s cute animals. Cute babies, too. The account @cute.animals has 28,100 followers, and it posts adorable pictures of puppies and kittens to try to cheer everyone up. Clearly, it’s working, as the account has a lot of popularity. The account @bebe_bebe11 posts adorable pictures of babies, getting thousands of likes per post. These accounts play to everyone’s love of cute things, and with all the bad news in the world and all the tragic events happening, being able to see a little bright spot through your Instagram feed is greatly appreciated.

Audiences can be attracted and optimized by finding a niche, creating a unique account within that niche, and promoting the page. People want to see new things, and following Instagram accounts is the best way to do that with just a click of a button. Audiences can be optimized when it comes to their purchasing power, because if they find your account to be reputable and trustworthy, they will buy what you’re selling. Contact NeoReach, an influencer marketing platform service, for assistance with optimizing viewers and traffic.

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