The Benefits Of Propane For Commercial Uses

Propane has a number of advantages over more traditional means of powering any number of items used for commercial services. This includes its cleaner burning that reduces emissions, its lower prices compared to diesel fuel and gasoline, and more. For some business owners, the idea of using propane to power their commercial services is rather new. Below, you will find the many different ways that propane can be used for commercial services.

The Benefits Of Propane For Commercial Uses

#1: Laundromats

At the laundromat, the hot air of the dryer has to come from somewhere. For some businesses, they choose to pay the higher cost (and pollution) associated with gas. However, dryers and hot water tanks can easily be powered with propane instead of natural gas. This often involves a one-time installation and then regular maintenance. In addition to the cost savings for your company, you may attract customers based solely on the fact that your laundromat is eco-friendlier than others.

#2: Machinery

The great thing about propane is that it can be used for almost any type of commercial machinery that gas or diesel can be used for, as long as it has the right set-up. You also may be able to contact your local propane supplier and find out what you need to set your machines up for use with propane gas. Here are some of the machines that can be powered using propane:

• Forklifts

• Lift trucks

• Cherry pickers

• Floor care equipment like buffers

• Lawnmowers, weed eaters, and other landscaping equipment

• And more!

#3: Cooking

Propane is also very useful in the cooking industry, particularly for restaurants that use indoor or outdoor grills, stoves, and ovens. Propane is easily and safely transported in barrels that can be kept on hand when you need to switch them out. Additionally, the odor that is added to propane (which is naturally odorless and colorless) allows it to quickly be smelled and detected in the event of a leak. In addition to use in the restaurant business, companies may want to consider propane for use at company picnics or fundraisers when they are cooking for a crowd.

#4: Agricultural Business

If you make a living in the agricultural industry, you will find that a lot of your operation can be changed by using propane. This includes the machines that you use out in the field, irrigation pumps, and crop dryers, among other things. You can implement propane on a per-machine basis and you will soon switch over everything once you see your savings.

#5: Heating Alternative

As far as heating goes, you can choose either gas or propane for space heating or for heating your entire business. While you may have to pay an upfront cost for installation of a propane system, it will eventually end up being more cost effective in the long run. As an added benefit, choosing propane over natural gas eliminates the chance of your gas line being shut off because of a gas leak somewhere in your neighborhood.

#6: Back-Up Generators

Another great use of propane for commercial purposes is to run back-up generators. You never know when a storm, wiring malfunction, or natural disaster will leave your business without power. Instead of frantically trying to decide what to do, a propane generator could give your building power until you decide whether to finish out the work day or send your customers home.

As you can see, businesses can reap in the benefits of propane in a number of ways. It can reduce what you are paying to power your business, which can be helped by Discount Propane Inc., and also reduce your impact on the environment. Try just one of the above methods of using propane for commercial purposes and you will see the benefits for yourself.

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