Why Gift Hampers Are A Better Idea Than Individual Gifts

If you have a large friend circle, gifting season (or any other time for gifting) can be an annoying affair. There is only so much you can gift. This is why so many Australians flock online to look for the latest products to gift, even if it is simply a new type of shoe, or even an app, that has just hit the market. According to this survey of approximately 2000 Aussies, most went online to look for a discount, along with variety. Today, Australians are constantly searching for new gifting options and exploring different avenues to look for the same.

However, regular gift giving, and that too with a meaningful gift that does not look rushed is not easy.  This is one of the biggest reasons why gift hampers have are becoming increasingly popular across Australia.  Here are some other reasons why you should opt for a gift hamper sourced from reliable online gift vendors like http://gourmetbasket.com.au/for different occasions.

Why Gift Hampers Are A Better Idea Than Individual Gifts

A Gift Hamper can be Customized for Different Budgets

A gift hamper, adorned with just the right packaging, can look elegant, even in a low budget. For example, it is much more exciting to receive a variety of coffees (albeit in smaller sizes), than to receive a single blend.

In fact, nowadays gifting companies let you customize your hampers with a variety of gift items, or even recommend you gifting ideas, based on your budget and needs.  And, a gift hamper is also affordable because you can send a large hamper to an entire family or group instead of spending on buying and mailing individual gifts.

Good for Any Occasion

No matter who you are gifting to, a gift hamper is a suitable gift idea. Even if you are giving something like chocolates, someone receiving would be more delighted and touched by receiving a variety of chocolates instead of just one.

And, with the large variety of affordable options available, it will in fact be easier for you to browse gift hamper offerings instead of looking for an individual, personalized gift.  This is why hampers are often the preferred gift of choice for corporate gifting – there is something that the receiver is bound to like! And not the just the receiver, even his family members will surely love something or the other.

Extremely Flexible

You can book a lot of hampers during occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas, fill them with the classic gifting ideas, and give leftovers during the New Year’s! And, you can still use the same things (wine, chocolates, fine cheeses, etc.) for other occasions like weddings or anniversaries; the gifts will still look meaningful. If you are going to undertake bulk gifting (e.g. for corporate events), this is a much better gift option than an individual gift.

Can be Customized

There is no limit to the amount of variety you can achieve with a gift hamper. For example, the classic wine, chocolate and fruits hamper can be customized with fragrant flowers for a newly married couple, or toys for baby shower gifting purposes. Many gift hamper companies are willing to go the extra mile and work with you to suggest and create the perfect one-of-a-kind package based on individual interests, hobbies, etc.

In fact, it is advisable to add a degree of customisation to the corporate gift hamper Sydney as exhibited at Gourmet Basket, and explore a person’s likes, interests, and hobbies to find a common theme for the gift hamper. It could be as simple as a love for coffee or golf – gift hampers with these themes are easily available today at a variety of gift hamper shops.

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