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Creating a successful restaurant is about so much more than serving delicious food. The design plays a huge role in creating the mood and atmosphere that best vibes with your menu. It helps evoke the feelings you want your customers to feel when they walk through that door, and get them coming back again and again. Here are just a few helpful hints for creating a design scheme that will excite all the senses.

You Need a Vision

Sure, you may have a general idea of what you want based on the cuisine you plan on serving. But, a general idea is not enough to create the optimal restaurant design. You need to get specific, you need a vision for what you hope the space will become. Do you want something soothing and laid back, or a more energetic place great for a family night out? Who is your target customer? What is the price point of your menu? And, one of the most important considerations when crafting your vision is figuring out how much money you have to work with to bring it to fruition.

Don’t Forget about Function

It is important to remember functionality when putting together your design. If you create a space that makes it difficult for your staff to get around, or work efficiently, or where tables are too close together, and customers feel like they are on top of each other, to name a few examples, no design–no matter how good– will compensate for the myriad problems that await you. Envision traffic patterns for customers and staff when considering the layout of tables and service stations.

Color Considerations

Colors have a very strong psychological impact, and are a powerful tool for setting the mood, and bringing your concept to life. Think about what colors define your restaurant and its menu best, and work them into the design. If you are working on a limited budget, no worries. You can easily work in your desired colors without a complete renovation by slapping on a fresh coat of paint, or getting new upholstery on chairs or booths.

Curb Appeal

Don’t forget about the outside of your restaurant. Just like curb appeal can make or break interest in a house, it can do the same for restaurants. Your signs, décor, and anything else on the outside should send a clear message to passersby about your brand and concept. Make sure any landscaping is well-kept. The name of your establishment should be clearly displayed, and good lighting is a must. Depending on the theme you are going for, something flashy, such as liquid fireworks from, can be just the thing to pique interest and get people inside.

Focus on Unique and Authentic

Chances are, the food you are serving has been served many times before, and that is okay. There is only so many different types of cuisines available in the world. So, you need to do all you can to make the experience, not just the food, as authentic and unique as possible. What can you do to make that restaurant mirror the culture from which the cuisine originates?

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