What You Should Know About Tennis?

Tennis was first played in the early 1950s or earlier. Though the exact date or year is not known the game of tennis has always been very popular among its people. It has always managed to have a steady following all over the years and people flock to see the game of tennis all over the world where it being played.

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What is it about?

Earlier men players used to wear long pants and women players long skirts. However, today they wear shorts and women players are allowed to wear dresses that are comfortable for them. This is to make them more flexible and agile on the court.

Unless they can move around, then will not able to serve and return the serve well. The game consists of one player serving from one end of the tennis court and the other player who has to return the serve from the other end. A game ends when the player who has won more number of sets wins, for example 6-4 and so on.

There are many championships held throughout the world where both men and women players can come and play. These days, you can find several of them held globally. Some of the main championships are the Australian Open, French Open, US Open, and Wimbledon. The player who has won all four championships is known as Grand Slam.

The winner of Grand Slam is always ranked among the top 5 tennis players in the world. Some of the names which come to mind are Roger Federer. The Swiss master has won several Grand Slams and today at the age of 34 is still considered dangerous. He still moves and plays well. Though young champions like Rafael Nadal who was immensely wild during his teenage years is more mature, but is suffering due to injury problems.

Another Swiss man named Wawrinka is taking the world by storm slowly winning matches and trying to get the torch from his predecessor Roger Federer.


Wimbledon is considered as one of the holy scared playing sites of the game of tennis. Held in London every year, the game consists of some of the world’s best players eyeing the prized championship. The competition was held several decades ago and is still considered as one of the best tennis matches of all times.

The grass lawns of the competition are considered as one of the toughest and players have to always be on their guard when playing in there. The games always have something historic attached to them. Both men and women players have always have had an affinity towards the games and ensure that they make it to the tournament without fail.

Today, however, you can find players from all over the world playing tennis. Even countries like Croatia, Serbia, and others have been able to produce some magnificent tennis players all through these years. Few names like Maron Cilic, Novak Djokovic, Ana Ivanovic, and others are fantastic players from these countries who have been in the top five positions at some point in their careers.

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