Some Popular Vastu Shastra Tips That You Should Know And Follow

The importance of Vastu Shastra is quite noticeable in Indian culture. A good Vastu is the identity of happiness and prosperity. Vastu is convincingly based on systematic science, but not on the hypothesis. Vastu Shastra operates upon the provided space and permits optimism and positive energy to flow all around the place. The best thing about Vastu is that the guidelines for this practice are very simple and easy to follow. Vastu pulls out the energy from five essential elements of nature – Sun, Moon, Earth, Fire and Atmosphere. The balance of these 5 elements is very important in order to bring contentment to the life. Online Astrology Consultation will assist you to manage these elements like an expert.

Important Vastu Shastra Tips That You Have To Know

Presently, the trust on Vastu has increased a lot. People are very particular for their happiness and success. Hence, they follow every Vastu tip very carefully. Here are some major Vastu Sashtra tips that you need to know and follow them sincerely to bring more content and success into your life.

  • Direction for sleep: Sleeping direction is very important if you wish for happiness and pleasure. According to experts, the head should be in the South while legs should be in Northern direction. These directions are important for peaceful and relaxed sleep. An incorrect direction may cause the nasty dreams, insomnia and ill health.
  • Prayer Space: Worship room is one of the most important places after the bedroom. The placement of the images should be on the eastern side only. Also, avoid making worship room under the stairway as the place is not considered as the place of positive energies. One more thing, do not keep the images of deceased people along with god’s images.
  • Tulsi Plant: Tulsi plant is an important part of every Hindu family’s home. Tusli plant should be in the front of the house. The east side is an ideal side for the plant. The plant is helpful for its fragrance and the healing power of this plant is useful to add more positivity to the atmosphere.
  • Kitchen Area: According to Vastu Shastra, there is an approved area for cooking place. As per the Vastu, the direction of the kitchen should be in the North-Eastern part. According to Horoscope, Venus is the ruling planet of the kitchen. The cooking area should not be located above the toilet, bedroom or worship room.
  • Water-source: Well or water source is another important thing that you should build according to Vastu. It is suggested to place the well in the northeast or northern side of the home. The water sources should not be dug in the Southeastern side as the side is a leading position of fire, and reason for the clash with well. The place is considered unfavorable.

Above-mentioned tips are important to obtain more happiness and bring joyfulness in the home. These tips are easy to follow. If you want to know more, contact Online Astrology Consultation for better assistance and guidance.

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