4 Common Scams Every Traveller Should Avoid

Traveling abroad can be exciting and full of joy, until you encounter scammers. Unfortunately, there a lot of this kind of people in many cities around the world. All you need is to be alert at all times and never trust right away any strangers that you will chance upon on your travels.

Apparently, many travellers from across the globe are being taken advantage of by shady people. You always have to be careful when traveling, in order for you not to be one of their victims. These people should not hinder your vacation and cause you stress while spending the time of your life.

Hence, here are some of the common scams that you might encounter during your trip and how to avoid them:

Broken cab meter

One of the most common travel scams anywhere is the broken cab meter. A lot of cab drivers are known to pull this scam off to travellers. Once you get into a cab and begin to drive, the driver will then tell you that the meter is broken and charge you an absurd amount. In order to avoid this from happening, you’ve got to negotiate rates with the driver and make sure that the meter is working before getting in the cab. Alternatively, you can simply rent a car online prior to your trip to a certain country. In Australia for example, car rentals are so easy to find so this is actually safer and more convenient for you. In fact, cheap car rental in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne can be booked online even before your plane lands.

Pickpocketing and other kinds of theft

The number one rule wherever you go is to secure all your belongings, especially your wallet. Thieves do various ways just to steal something from you, so you better be alert and careful all the time. While walking in a crowd, someone will try to distract you, do something unusual, or pretend to help you. And before you know it, the scammer has gotten something valuable from you. With this, you have to pay more attention to your stuff and never let these people divert your attention to something else.

Money changing errors

Before you go on a trip somewhere for the first time, you have to research everything about it. One thing that you should familiarize yourself with is the country’s currency. Since you are traveling to a different place, the currency may differ from where you live. Some people may take advantage of you by overcharging or giving you the wrong change. Therefore, be sure to always count your change.

Exchanging items

Thailand, Hong Kong and Vietnam are some of the best places to shop in Asia because of their cheap prices. But if you are not vigilant enough, you might be paying for something lesser than what you paid for. Some vendors would exchange your item with a cheaper or damaged item. This is very rampant in busy shopping areas where tourists often haggle to get the best deals. So, make it a habit to check your items before getting out of the store.

Bottom line is you have to be very careful anywhere you go. No matter how safe a particular place is, you still have to be smart and watchful of your surroundings. Scammers are everywhere and they will do anything to get something from you, so you better be wise and always protect yourself. It is important that you secure all of your valuables and avoid these common travel scams mentioned above to make the most out of your vacation.

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