Big Data and Personalization

The mantra of marketing success is the right mix of customer centricity, understanding customer needs and personalization. With the influx of Big Data and the smooth movement into the age of Internet of Things, companies today are leveraging technologies that convert raw figures into valuable insights, which can transform how businesses are run.  With brand proliferation and complex consumer patterns dominating the modern day marketplace, companies are executing Big Data solutions that can result in effective marketing campaigns and increased ROIs.

Big Data and Personalization

The Challenge

Consumers rule the market. The emergence of social media has conferred on them the power to dictate and drive conversations that can influence thousands of potential customers. Consumers today are tech-smart and early adopters of new mobile technologies. For them, it’s about connectedness, 24*7. They dictate the success and failure of brands. In such a demanding landscape, where consumers have the last say, brands need to be on their toes. They need to deliver only the best in terms of products, services and marketing mannerisms. Today, personalization is in. Standardization of ads has become boring, old-school and obsolete. Consumers don’t appreciate encroachment by marketers.  The perfect balance between privacy and personalization needs to be struck.

Go Programmatic!

Programmatic solutions help companies to reach individuals with targeted content. Companies are able to leverage seamless marketing to appeal to customers and prospects alike with unique, individualized advertising.

Data analysis is performed on huge sets of raw data to gather insights. These insights help companies take informed decisions; they can communicate with customers in a timely, personalized and more effective fashion.  Such solutions also allow brands to consolidate marketing operations, campaign management and digital messaging to provide a consistent customer experience across all marketing channels.

Enabling Personalized Content

Personalization comes in between big data and creativity. How can we use big data in marketing in order to improve customer experience? Big data is used in every industry, but marketers get to leverage the maximum with it. Businesses understand that purchases are made at an individual level. Programmatic advertising uses Big Data and analytics to identify consumer preferences, purchase history, browsing behavior and other such variables. It then automates the advertising process to appeal to individuals.

With programmatic solutions, the buying and selling of ads in the virtual ad exchange have been made completely automatic. No more human intervention in maintaining, bidding, selecting and displaying advertisements. Now, companies on one hand can execute individualized ads and at the same time, achieve scalability in operations with RTB.

Grow and Sustain

Marketers should invest in programmatic analytical solutions that integrate historical data, provide scalability of operations, manage media buying and track important metrics. Through dynamic personalized retargeting, brands can engage users by personalizing content and banners in real-time on multiple devices. With Big Data and programmatic adserver solutions, companies can get a 360-degree view of consumer patterns and market trends. Proper analysis of the data is then imperative to develop a marketing strategy focused on earning sustainable loyalty and higher ROIs.

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