What Are The Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Truth is; many more people are availing themselves of the services of a massage therapist owing to the benefits that it brings in the facilitation of the general wellness of the body. In order to understand the many benefits that are associated with massage therapy, it may be necessary to have knowledge of what massage therapy is and how the body functions.

What Are The Benefits Of Massage Therapy

What is Massage Therapy?

This is the technical use of the fingers, forearms, elbows, hands and even feet through pressing, stroking and kneading of the body or body parts. Although, different kinds of massage have been highlighted, the fact is they are all administered in fairly similar methods with only slight variations. Whether it is the Swedish massage that employs slight stroking, tapping and vibrating or the trigger point massage that concentrates on a particular muscle of the body in order to tone it down after use, massage therapy is aimed to give the body the required mental, physical and physiological balance that it needs.

How Does the Body Work?

The body works by a combination of functions that are inter-related. The parts that work in tandem are the mental part, the physical part and the physiological parts. Each one performs well when the other two are at optimum. The mental part is chiefly the mind; the physical parts involve all body parts that are used for movement and coordination and the physiological parts are the internal functional biochemical systems of the body. When these are at their functional best, the body is said to be in the pink of health.

But How Does Massage Therapy Benefit these Parts of the Body

Apart from the general feel good factor that the body gets when massage therapy is administered, it helps in the relieving of stress and anxiety. With a gentle stroke of the body or body parts done by a technical hand, tension can be releases from the body giving a kind of sedative effect to the mind. That is the power of it!

The physical benefits of massage therapy are evident in the workings of the muscles, joints and bones. These body parts are a great part of the skeletal system that helps in movement and coordination. It helps to increase muscular flexibility, joint mobility and increase strengthening for the bone. With a good dose of massage treatment, the muscle can enjoy efficient toning and the bones and joins can be worked for proper mobility.

The rest of the benefits associated with massage therapy are seen in the physiological functioning of the body. This covers the bulk of functions related to the nervous, respiratory and digestive systems. When proper massage technique is used the sensory and motor neurons of the body are stimulated reduce pain. This can also help to slow respiration levels and even help to relieve the effects of constipation.

That being said; massage therapy also has some general benefits for the skin. From investigated evidence, it has been found to be an excellent way of increasing sweat release from the pores, and can also help to increase skin tenderness and buffer up the skin against infection. Such are the benefits of massage therapy.

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