Drink As Much As You Can To Lose Weight

3 Beverages that can be taken as much as possible to shed fat fast

1. Ice Cold Water

Drinking ice cold water can help you burn an extra 100 calories every day in easier, fast and comfortable manner. See how it works for weight destroyer.

Our body will have to burn fats or calories for heating up this ice cold water to balance it with our body temperature. Therefore this will allow us to lose an extra 10 or more pounds in a year if we drink a few glasses of ice cold water every day. Beside ice cold water, simple plain water is also helpful for;

  • Water before every meal makes you eat lesser and lose pounds fast
  • It also curbs your appetite as feeling thirsty tricks you into thought you are hungry.
  • Water also helps your liver for burning more fats.
  • Water helps to flatten your belly by flushing out the excessive water weight.

Drink As Much As You Can To Lose Weight

2. Fat Free Milk

Milk is rich in calcium and many researches shows that adding more of it in our routine diet can help us to lose weight faster just because of following 2 reasons…

  1. Calcium actually suppresses calcitriol that is a hormone which essentially makes us fatter and when calcitriol is out of the way our body it can breakdown the fat much faster.
  2. Calcium also suppresses our appetite preventing us from gaining more weight and only allowing us to lose more weight as we eat less.

Drinking 3 to 5 cups of green tea will allow us to burn 30 to 40 % more fat every day. It contains an appropriate amount of caffeine that increases our fat burning metabolism. It is highly diuretic drink therefore it help in flushing out the excessive weight due to water, however weight loss is temporary.

Weight loss expert John Barban reports in his venus factor scam review program that they have seen people who lost 20 plus pounds after they add appropriate amount of water in their diet

3. Vegetable Juices or V8

Vegetable juices specially greens when taken before every meal may cause an individual to take 135 less calories. This is proved by researchers through a study done at Penn. State University and even if you cannot make the vegetable juice you can take benefits of drinking water before every meal.

Actually drinking fluid before meal is good enough to prepare our digestive organs before other eatables, and fill in our stomach to occupy more space and provide feeling of being full. On the other hand drinking water after meal is harmful because it flushes away the essential digestive enzymes from the stomach.

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