Getting Your Business On Track To Produce Increased Sales

There’s a fundamental fact about business: increase your sales and you grow your enterprise. However, fundamental facts are one thing; knowing how to achieve them is something else. Here are some essential business practices for getting your company firmly on the track to growth through increased sales.

How do the highest-performing companies create, manage and motivate their sales teams? A recent survey by research company Staffing Industry Analysts (for recruitment giant Monster) sheds some edifying light on how successful firms answer this question.

Getting Your Business On Track To Produce Increased Sales

The research found clear evidence that the best-performing companies cultivated effective sales teams by setting clear sales force expectations and communicating clearly about pay, benefits, career development and professional growth. However, beyond pay and benefits, high-growth firms took care to develop real, upward career paths for their top sales performers, enabling them to progress in their field of expertise rather than migrating to a managerial role. In these companies, sales talent had prestige and status.

Moreover, the highest-performing companies ensured their sales staff stayed focused on critical sales tasks, increasing their productivity and efficiency by freeing them from non-selling, labor-intensive administrative tasks. In this way, sales staff could concentrate throughout the day on doing what they do best – customer engagement –maximizing sales in the process.

However, even with a virtuoso sales force in place, there’s a crucial factor that’s still missing: advertising. If you’ve got a great product or service, it shouldn’t be hidden beneath a bushel. Take pride in it (and your brand) and get the message out there; and don’t forget that “out there” in our digital age includes a whole raft of digitally-enabled channels, not just print ads, billboards, radio and TV.

Companies of all sizes can watch their sales benefit appreciably from successful advertising. But here’s the rub: in our multi-channel world, you need an agency that knows what it’s doing, an agency not only bursting with creative talent but also capable of measuring the effectiveness of a campaign across all the different channels – social media, email, websites, mobile platforms, search, display and so on.

An example of such a company is performance-based marketing specialists, Matomy Media Group. From its founding in 2007, the Matomy partnership has grown from an aspiring startup into a thriving multinational public company. It formed a strategic partnership with one of the biggest communications groups in the world, PublicisGroupe, and with around 400 employees, it has grown to become a global leader in multi-channel performance-based advertising. When you’re looking for an advertising and marketing agency, look at its reach.Matomy Media Group works with over 500 direct response marketers and brands across the world (Netflix, Zynga, Conduit and AMEX among them). Its publisher network encompasses in excess of 16,000 registered digital media sources, and its performance-based advertising solutions engage, acquire and retain new and existing customers in over 100 different countries.

If you’re serious about maximizing your sales, you need to ensure that you’ve put in place the best business practices for your sales force, as exemplified by the highest-performing companies. You need to attract attention and expand knowledge of your product and your business through advertising. With these in place, you’re on the path to growth.

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