Top Ways to Green Your Sleep Routine

Research reveals that insufficient sleep can adversely affect your health. Many people globally suffer from mild or chronic insomnia. It is recommended to sleep for at least six hours per day. You could check out casino online to bet before you sleep. Insomnia often results in decreased brain function and weight gain. In this post, we present to your four top ways to green your sleep routine.

  • Avoid Using Tech Gadgets in Bed

Electronics such as computers, phones, and TVs emit a blue light which causes vision syndrome. The light can distort your sleep routine if you use your phone for long just before you sleep. Normally, blue light inhibits the release of melatonin, a hormone which regulates your sleeping cycle. It is prudent to switch off your gadgets to fall asleep once you lay down. Besides, it will significantly reduce your monthly energy bills.

  • Check your Dinner

Naturally, people feel dizzy when they take a heavy meal. It is normal to take a siesta after lunch. People who eat a lot at night experience insomnia. Your body takes longer to digest heavy meals compared to light meals. At times, you might stay awake if you overeat during supper. It is advisable to take a light or vegan dinner to green your sleep routine.

  • Don’t Drink During Supper

Alcohol consumption causes sleep disorders and disturbance. Alcohol disrupts the duration and structure of your sleep rates. Also, it extends the time you take to fall asleep. You might appear to sleep during the day if you often drink during supper.

  • Control the Temperature in Your Bedroom

Most people like living in warm houses. Doctors recommend setting your bedroom’s temperature to about 18 degrees to produce more melatonin. Naturally, the internal temperature of your body increases as you sleep. You can switch off your thermostat to conserve energy. Alternatively, you can witch off the lights in your bedroom to drift off fast. The brain functions at a high rate during the day or when you are in a brightly lit room. You can light a candle or a soft lamp for a short while before you sleep.

Insomnia is a major health concern for many people. It affects both adults and young children. Factors such as excessive drinking, depression and poor nutrition may prevent you from falling asleep at night. Recent scientific studies reveal that people who sleep for less than six hours are susceptible to type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It is important to create and follow a particular sleep routine.

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