Is the New Neighbor a Threat?

Given you oftentimes do not have a say in who your new neighbors will be, is there any reason for concern.

While most neighbors do not have a ton of contact with one another, others in factor are rather social.

So, what to do if you think the new neighbor could be a threat?

Are You Sensing Trouble?

If you think your new neighbor might be a problem, there are certain signs to look out for. Among them:

  1. Acting suspicious – Are you sensing your new neighbor is acting rather suspicious? It can be socializing, having people coming and going at all hours, keeping the blinds or shades drawn 24/7. While there can be logical explanations for such, you would not be out of your mind if you had a concern or two. That said don’t jump to conclusions. Do some investigating on your own without putting yourself in harm’s way. It may come down to you do not have a very social neighbor and yet they are no threat to you or others.
  2. Illegal activities – If you see your neighbor engaging in illegal activities, alert authorities. In the event you know the neighbor’s full name, you could go online and do some digging. When you go online, there are sites like Search Quarry to help you learn more about those around you. In how to find out if someone has a warrant, you may move closer to seeing if they have any criminal background. If your neighbor does have a warrant with their name on it, do not assume the worst right away. It could be for something rather simple like unpaid traffic tickets or child support. Meantime, you can also check with others neighbors you are on friendly terms with. See if they know anything about the newest resident.
  3. Interactions with others – Does your new neighbor interact with others but not you? It may come down to one of two things. First, you may not have had the opportunity to introduce yourself to them. If this is the case, take a minute to say hello. It can be quick and casual. Second, you might have met and for one reason or another, the two of you did not hit it off. The bottom line is some people do not click when it comes to their personalities. If the newest member of the neighborhood is getting along with others but not you; do not make a big deal of it. As long as the former is behaving themselves, you have nothing to fret over.

Unless you have the opportunity or desire to live far away, you are going to be sharing space with neighbors.

With that being the case, getting along with them is your best course of action.

No, you do not have to be best of friends. Being civil towards one another is fine.

So, do you think your new neighbor might be a threat or are you letting your mind get the best of you these days?

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