Top Quality Water Tanks

What was once traditionally an icon in the Australian outback, large steel rainwater tanks, are now more commonly seen on sites for new homes and outlying suburbs.  They are also used as fire tanks on commercial properties for their size and durability.  Commercial tanks are more common now in Australia, they are ideal for:-

  • Portable town water storage
  • Commercial rain water harvesting
  • Storm water detention
  • Treated water storage for industrial purposes
  • Mining and agricultural sectors

Commercial water tanks are quality tested and manufactured by specialist companies Down Under.  Top quality commercial water tanks have already been supplied to satisfy clients across all states in the country by a growing network of installers and distributors.

Top Quality Water Tanks

Domestic and Rural Water Tanks

When it comes to domestic and rural steel water tanks, recommended firms offer the best products and deals on the market.  Large rural water tanks are available in a variety of sizes as well as colours to suit your every need.  They are great for:-

–          Rain water harvesting

–          Bore water storage

When purchasing from reliable online suppliers, all domestic and rural water tanks come fitted out to your specifications.  This will ensure that the tank meets the need of your home, farm, garden or property.  Professionals manufacture tank shells, roof trusses and liners in the same factory to control the quality from start to finish.  Before ordering a rain water tank, check out the many features like:-

  1. Tank sizes
  2. Tank inlets
  3. Outlets and ball valves
  4. Bell mouth overflows

Known for brute strength, rain water tanks are extremely durable and practical. With 12mm bolts being hot-dipped galvanised, corrosion simply doesn’t stand a chance.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any queries about domestic rural or commercial water tanks, take a look at frequently asked questions sections.  This will help you find answers to:-

a)      What size water tank do I need?

b)      Is the liner safe for drinking water?

c)      Can I collect rainwater off the roof of my water tank?

d)      Are the tanks trusses hot dipped galvanised for added strength and durability?

You also may be wondering if you can get a rebate/grant when buying a water tank.  From time to time both State and Federal Governments offer rebates and grants for the installation of water tanks.  Rebates and grants are often dependent on your specific location as well as the intended usage of the tank.  Due to these variations, it’s recommended to make contact with local authorities to see if any grants or rebates are available.

Get a Quote

It will only take a few minutes for a personalised quote for domestic, rural or commercial water tanks.  To receive a quote from a professional water tank consultant, all you have to do is complete a few details online such as your:-

a)      Name

b)      E-mail address

c)      Telephone number

d)      Suburb/town

e)      State

Don’t forget to indicate your application preference, tank size and colour.


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