Individually Created Glass Products

To finish off a swimming pool or improve the look of your home, think about glass fencing. Glass pool fencing not only looks fantastic, it will keep a commercial or residential swimming pool safe for everyone too. Having a beautiful glass fence around your pool is a good way to keep children and pets from having accidents or even drowning.

Individually Created Glass Products

There’s a huge variety of individually created glass fences from manufacturers on the internet at affordable prices. Only high-quality glass is used which complies with manufacturing and safety standards. If you’re interested in glass fencing Perth, you can expect:-

–        Free competitive quotations

–        A professional service

–        Value for money products

Adding a glass fence around a swimming pool will certainly improve the aesthetic value of your home or commercial business.

Make Your Pool Stand Out

It’s quite easy to make your swimming pool stand out from others. With a surrounding glass fence, you will be able to see what’s happening inside the pool. For those with young children, this is particularly essential just in case little ones get into difficulty while in the water. All glass fencing is:-

  • Manufactured to very high standards
  • Made from quality glass
  • Durable and easy to keep clean
  • Safe and shatterproof

If you have any queries about where to have a glass fence erected or style of the fencing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with glass fencing experts. Send a fax, make a telephone call or complete an online form with your details and a short message. An adviser will get back to you as soon as possible with answers and lots of advice.

Pools are Great Fun, so stay Safe

Having your own swimming pool can be great fun as well as adding value to your property. Kids love splashing around in the water and learning to swim. It’s very important to make sure children know the dangers of water too, here are a few ways to keep them safe:-

  1. Fence off the pool area – by using glass fencing you can see if anyone has strayed into the pool area.
  2. Toughened glass will ensure there are no accidents, for instance breakages if a ball or toy is accidentally thrown at the fence.
  3. Make safety rules i.e. children are not allowed in the pool unless accompanied by an adult.
  4. Stress the importance of not running around the pool area.
  5. Make sure the gate is closed and locked after playing in the water is over.

A glass fence looks contemporary and doesn’t distract the eye from the surroundings. Check out photo galleries to see how attractive glass fencing can look around a swimming pool.

Odd Shaped Pool?

If you have an odd shaped pool, don’t worry you can still have glass fencing. The glass can easily be cut to size and shaped accordingly. Should your garden be on the small side, your pool can still be fenced off with glass.

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