Innovative Solutions In The Home

Technology has provided a cost-effective solution to protect your home against the elements, with a range of high-quality window film that offers both protection and privacy. There is a range of uses for this innovative product, and they include the following.

Innovative Solutions In The Home

Security Film

House break-ins are on the rise, so it makes sense to protect your home with security window film, which doesn’t alter the look of your property. Installed from the inside, security film protects against storm damage, vandalism, and any intentional intrusion. The work can be completed without removing any windows or doors, causing the minimum of inconvenience. So, whenever you are away from home, you can rest assured that your home has a high level of security. Burglars are reluctant to attempt entry if they see a property with window film, knowing how hard it is to penetrate.

Decorative Window Film

With privacy a concern for many, those large windows can be easily screened, with a range of styles and shades to suit every taste.Many businesses use decorative film for menus, and other useful information, such as opening timesand product data. This can give your commercial premises that unique look, with state of the art materials to enhance the building. Small shops can really benefit from using window film to display essential information in a unique way.


By using a combination of clear and opaque film, you can achieve the desired balance of privacy and visibility, giving you the best of both worlds.This is ideal in an office environment, and is used effectively in shopping malls, and other public areas. Technology has enabled window privacy film to provide practical solutions on many levels, with many different styles available; one can always find the right balance.

UV Protection

Solar film will protect your furniture and carpets from the direct sunlight, while keeping your home at a cooler temperature in the summer months by reflecting up to 70% of the harmful UV rays. This will also retain the heat in the colder periods, saving on heating bills, and making your living space more comfortable.

Quality Fitting

Applying window film is best left to the experts, who will seal the film onto the window using silicone and anchoring, which means your film will remain in place, giving you that added security and privacy. Once the job is completed, you will start to receive the many benefits that film provides, enhancing your living space with a cost effective solution to your screening issues.

Anti-graffiti Film

The graffiti artist has long been the scourge of many home and business owners, and while they might call it art, it certainly does nothing to improve the aesthetics of a building. By applying this film, any unsightly writing or artwork can be easily removed, allowing your business to continue without disruption. The protective film also guards against scratches and scuffs, and with invisible film, the look of your property is not affected.

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