TOP 3 Most Fashionable Sports Bracelets Of 2016

The sports Bracelet has already become an indispensable accessory for the people leading an active lifestyle. A sports bracelet is convenient, reliable and is protected against moisture and dust. It will gather information about the calories that you burn, the steps that you take, and at the same time, it can notify you about incoming calls and messages. To the delight of consumers, there are more and more sports bracelets to choose from but most sports bracelets require a good smartphone. In this context, you may be interested to browse classifieds to get a Samsung phone or any other phone of your choice.

Jawbone UP2

The manufacturer positions this gadget as an indispensable accessory for people seeking a healthy lifestyle.

Jawbone UP2 tracks the number of steps and calories burned, duration of workouts and your leisure. Smart alarm clock will wake you up during the optimal sleep phase via delicate vibration.

The special design allows adjusting the bracelet for any wrist with a circumference of 140 to 190 mm. Available colors include black, silver, beige, purple, turquoise.

Compatible operating systems: Android (4.0 and above), iOS (5 and up).

Sony SmartBand 2

The Sony Company went its own way. If you still want to use your favorite watch, but you also want to use all the features that smart bracelets offer, the Sony SmartBand 2 is what you need.

The device keeps track of the most important biometric parameters such as heart rate, pulse, physical activity, stress level, moments of relaxation and maximum stress. In addition, SmartBand 2 controls the duration and quality of your sleep, as well as collects detailed statistics.

We would also like to note the ability of the SmartBand 2 to operate without a smartphone. The device will accumulate all the gathered information, and will transfer it later, after you come back from jogging or a swimming pool.

Compatible operating systems: Android (4.4 and above), iOS (8 and above).

XiaomiMi Band 2

This sports bracelet has inherited all the best features from its famous predecessor and has received a lot of new features too. A high-quality OLED-display is activated by a simple movement of your hand, and then it begins displaying the current time and certain customized parameters such as steps, distance, calories burned, pulse, and battery level.

The gadget is equipped with a pedometer, an accelerometer and a heart rate monitor, which work in the background collecting data for monitoring your physical  fitness. Special applications will assess the duration and the quality of your sleep, as well as notify you when you need to move about a little.

The body of the bracelet complies with the IP67 standard which means that you do not have to take it off if you are going to swim in the pool or take a shower. The band is made of durable and pleasant thermoplastic elastomer. All the electronics is securely hidden in a special protected capsule that can withstand dust and will not fall out of the band even during the most active workouts.

Compatible operating systems: Android (4.4 and above), iOS (7 or higher). However, we should note that XiaomiMi Band 2 works best with Android phones. So if you have an iPhone, you might have to buy Nexus, for instance, to be able to use all the features.

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