How G8LED Beat The HPS Bulb

For many years the HPS (High Pressure Sodium) bulb was the preferred choice for grow rooms, both commercial and home grows. Affordable, powerful and offering great results, this type of bulb ruled the market in the face of limited competition, and still remains popular today. Whatever you were growing, the HPS bulb seemed to be the one that gave the right results, and it may be so that you are still using them today. However, it’s worth knowing that there is a major competitor to HPS, one that offers and provides excellent results and many benefits over its rival; this is the LED Grow Light, and more specifically, the G8LED grow lights, which cover all the bases.

Why is the LED light taking over in the growing arena? There are many reasons why the highly efficient and effective G8LED should be your choice, so let’s take a closer look at the LED Grow Lights vs HPS battle, and the reasons why it is changing the market in many beneficial ways.


Let us explain what LED is, and why it is perfect for grow rooms of all types. LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. These are a type of light source you may have around the home – think of the small spot-light type of light that are popular in modern interior design – and also possibly on your car. Many upmarket models use LED lights to great effect. LED is also used in commercial installations, and many towns are converting to LED street lamps for greater effectiveness.

How G8LED Beat The HPS Bulb

The reason LED is becoming more widespread in use is that it offers greater efficiency. A LED Grow Light does not waste any electricity given off as excess heat. A major problem with HPS and other types of light is the immense amount of heat, which can lead to dry plants, not what you want at all. With LED Grow Lights you have the ability to control the light throughout the spectrum accurately and effectively, thus achieving a very efficient means of photosynthesis.

More Benefits of G8LED

G8LED grow lights will save you as much as 60% on your electricity costs as compared to HID bulbs. They are far more energy efficient – and ecologically friendly – than other types of bulbs, yet will give you a better result all-round. This applies whether you are growing auto-flowering plants or others. It will also do away with the need for expensive air conditioning systems, and requires no expensive accessories of any kind.

Furthermore, when you use G8LED you are choosing a system that works with all types of growing requirements.  There is a wide range of G8LED Grow Lights to choose from, covering an array of wattages for different sized grow areas. It is no surprise that these are now the usual choice for professional as well as home growers.

Buying G8LED Grow Lights

You can find the full range of G8LED Grow Lights on various online sites. They are a sensible purchase if you want the very best in temperature and light control, plus proven results and excellent yield from your plants. You will find the choice of power and usage to be comprehensive, and there is plenty of information and tips on growing with G8LED to be found, making things easier for you.

Many growers have switched from HPS to G8LED and reported excellent improvement and cost savings, and there is little doubt that as more people discover the benefits of this effective and highly practical light source it will become the choice of norm for growers of all types. Have a closer look at G8LED now, and begin the path to a greater yield across the year.

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