Tips for Surviving Winter Golfing

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to be held down just because the weather changes, then winter golfing may be for you. However, it’s vital that you properly prepare for winter golfing. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself completely miserable and in last place. To help make your next winter golf outing one of the best, then, here are a few tips to help you survive and thrive.

Stay Active

No matter how fit you are, cold temperatures can quickly tighten your muscles and ruin your swing. To help prevent this, then, it’s important to walk the course if you can. Though it may seem more intuitive to use a cart so you can finish more quickly, the exercise you get walking from hole to hole will ensure your muscles stay warm and you’re able to have an enjoyable round.

Aim High, Expect Low

Another tip to have an enjoyable round of golf in the winter is to aim high in your expectations but expect low results. In other words, you can aim to have a fantastic round of golf that matches your warm-weather scores. However, your expectations should be that your score will be higher, even if you’re able to keep your swing consistent. Other variables, such as the playing surface and wind speed, could cause your play to worsen, even if you’re playing at your best. Even with commercial fertilizer on the playing surface, hard ground is hard ground. Therefore, aim high, but expect low.

Dress Well

Clothing for summer golfing is pretty standard and easy-to-understand. However, in the winter, you must be selective about what you wear. The most important rule is to dress in layers. After all, once you get a few holes under your belt, your increased core temperature will likely cause you to feel uncomfortable if you are wearing too many layers. If you can remove some layers, though, and your inner layers are made of breathable fabrics, you’ll be quite comfortable throughout the day, ensuring peak performance.

Plan for Dirt

Unless you land your shot perfectly, every time, you’re likely to find that your ball becomes much dirtier much more quickly when you play in the winter. It’s important, then, that you pick up and clean off your ball whenever allowed, observing the established rules, of course. Cleaning your ball, as in any weather condition, will ensure a truer shot that isn’t as affected by the winds aloft.

Have Fun!

If you’re serious enough about your game that you’re playing in the winter, you probably already know this tip. If not, though, it’s important to understand that winter golfing should be more about the enjoyment of the game instead of the seriousness of the score. Save important business conversations for summertime golf and instead use the winter for focusing on your mechanics and enjoying a few hours with your friends. It will help make your time more enjoyable and ensure that you’re able to survive your winter golfing experience.

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